Who are we

Permakultur Danmark is a member-driven and member-based association with a board consisting of: Cathrine Dolleris, Arendse Marie Gulløv, Jens Hansen, Charlotte Louise Langdon, Mette Brodersen, Ruben  Hernandez  Romero, Anders Birkelund, Dorte Fløjgaard as well as Kurt Holm as faithful alternate. The board have meetings in person 3-4 times a year and additional online meetings according to need. All members are welcome to partake. You just need to send a request to post@permakultur-danmark.dk. Meeting minutes are uploaded after each meeting here.

The articles of association (AoA) of Permakultur Danmark can be found here and its rules of procedure for 2015-2018, here.

As a member, you have a big say and possibility to influence the work of the association in order to promote the knowledge of permaculture. Read more under “Go active” and register as a member here.

You can always contact the board on post@permakultur-danmark.dk. We look forward to welcome your ideas!


Permakultur Danmark’s CVR-number: 34420971
Permakultur Danmark’s PIC-code: 948295087

For payments:
Reg. nr.: 8401 Account nr.: 1047697
Bank: Merkur Andelskasse.
IBAN: DK4684010001047697
SWIFT address/BIC : MEKUDK21
Donations are welcome!

Welcome to the Permaculture Association of Denmark!