In the association of Permaculture Denmark, it is energy and commitment of the members that makes the difference.  Our LAND project is a clear example of this; it went from idea to reality because one member put energy into the search for the means to realize it. Now, it is developing rapidly across the country. You can read more about the LAND project here.

As a member you have great influence and the opportunity to affect the work of the organisation in order to spread the knowledge of permaculture, locally, nationally and globally.

What should the goal be for 2018? YOU are a part of this decision!

Everything from starting a project from scratch to passing on the Journal of Permaculture to your neighbor are valuable actions.
All in all, it is about making permaculture spread like ripples in the water, which in time will spread even further and reach each other.

Permaculture as a philosophy of life is rapidly starting to root all over the world. Although more and more people become aware of the undeniable advantages of permaculture as a design strategy, there is still a great need for volunteers to continue the important work.

There are jobs for all, no matter tastes and temperament!

Do you like to use your head? Help us:

  • write, translate and proofread texts for the magazine.
  • write grant applications.
  • define how the association is run by permaculture ethics and principles.

Do you like to use your hands? Help us:

  • be a part of our stand for Permaculture Denmark for instance at: the Botanical Gardens in Copenhagen, the Harvest Market at Camilla Plum, the Harvest Market in the Natural Nursery (Naturplanteskolen) etc.
  • lend a hand in events such as “Seeds pop-up” or the association’s annual celebrational meet ups.

Like to talk? Help us:

  • forming networks in your area, for example by telling about permaculture, passing on the magazine, etc.
  • welcoming new volunteers, for example by writing explanatory e-mails, drinking a cup of tea together, handing out well-defined tasks and so on.
  • be the association’s representative in green networks.
  • organize workshops on permaculture.

Like to be creative? Help us:

  • design stuff that represents permaculture for our stands (so we have other than just a brochure and our business cards)
  • ideas for projects, events, etc.develop website terms, structure and content.

Write to aktiv@permakultur-danmark.dk if you want to help make a difference!

Welcome to the Permaculture Association of Denmark!