The structure of the association

The association consists of a “mother group” (the board), a “daughter group” (work groups or committees) and two kinds of members. Besides that, there are various affiliations of local associations and LAND-centers.

The mothergroup (the board)
The purpose of the mother group is to steer the ship with a flat sociocratic structure and delegate work tasks. It represents Permakultur Danmark based on the articles of association (AoA) and the rules of procedure of the association. It makes decisions in relation to economy, communication, strategy and policy. Futhermore, it supervises the daughter groups.

The daughter groups (work groups or committees)
See here a list of daughter groups and their respective work tasks and consider if one or more of them might suit you.  You can also have a look at the action plan to see which concrete tasks the association is working with.

At present time, the daughter groups consist manly of board members but in the long run, hopefully they will be run by other members too. Maybe one of them is you? It might be that you have skills in IT, communication, fundraising, PR or something completely different. Or maybe you are just passionate about spreading permaculture in Denmark. No matter what, you are very welcome!
If you have questions or are interested in joining one of the groups, please contact us on !

Welcome to the Permaculture Association of Denmark!