The Natural Plant Nursery (Naturplanteskolen)

Naturplanteskolen makes perennial plants more wide-spread in Danish gardens and inspire for sustainable and diverse gardens and a sensible use of natural resources.

Stærkendevej 177, 2640 Hedehusene
Contact person: Aiah Noack
+45 23261388

Visitors: See opening hours on the webpage.

Educational activities: Presentation of the properties and needs of the individual edible plants

Facilities: Café, gallery, plant nursery, rooms, forest, lawn, parking, etc.

Area: 1,6 ha

Project start: 2013

LAND-center accreditation: March 2015


Organic construction, retrofitting and environmental improvement of buildings, water and wastewater, climate adaption, culture and education, economy and exchange systems, health and well-being, garden, orchard, horticulture, forest garden, forest, agriculture, animals, untouched areas, nature care and biodiversity, self-sufficiency, waste minimization, community gardening, local management of land and environment.

Naturplanteskolen is an association with focus on edible perennials for sustainable gardens. We started in 2013 and the association was created in 2014, in order to strengthen the communication part. We make workshops, courses, articles, talks and mobile plant stalls. Moreover, we launch various projects with specialized subjects, which strengthen our purpose.

Our place measures 1,6 ha and is located close to Copenhagen, but in peaceful and rural surroundings. There is room for courses and participants in the spacious rooms. We make food over the bonfire and collect edible weeds for a “wild salad”. We have herbaceous perennials, herbs, bushes, trees and climbing plants, which are all edible and beneficial. We cultivate organically. Our property is ideal for creating a forest garden on basis of the already established trees. We have permission to establish a lake of 250 m2. There is also room for theme gardens, some production of plants, workshop facilities and events of permacultural interest. At the moment, we rent out a workshop for “like-minded folks”. Among other, we have a strong collaboration with the published author Stephen Barstow from Norway, who has 30 years of experience with edible perennials and ornamental plants from all over the world.

Ethics and design

“People care”: nutrition and health, food security, independence. “Earth care”: fruit, berries, nuts, perennial vegetables, ornamental plants as lasting food gardens. “Fair share”: community, non-profit, Naturplanteskolen is an association, which wants to promote sustainability and local communities.

Principles and methods

– Choice of plant varieties and species for the assortment of Naturplanteskolen.
– Sharing of knowledge and practical skills through workshops on plants and gardens.
– Mobile plant stalls, which bring the plants to the gardens all over the country.
– “Adopted beds”, which become knowledge collectors and demonstration beds in the local environments.
– Association organisation with webpage, newsletters, project- and idea generation, member meetings, courses, workshops and  collaboration with like-minded, etc.

Regeneration of natural resources

 Soil – creation of healthy soil structure and micro-flora through lasting greenery in coop forest garden, orchard and plant nursery.
Water–rainwater collection  from roofs for plant watering and seepage in decorative ditches and rainwater beds.
Air – plants as air purifiers
Energy – the plants only use natural energy.
Sound – plants as sound  mufflers.

Social regeneration

– Association structure with board and active involvement of locals all over the country.
– Member-based development of activities.

More info:
Map of Naturplanteskolen.

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