Sandmosen 38 – A new LAND center in North Jutland

A weekend in november  Jozef hosted the LAND Assembly, with very interesting outcomes. In between many other activities, Sandmosen 38, owned by Jozef, was accredited as a LAND center.

Sandmosen has many exciting things to see, as for example, a forest garden, market gardening and silvopasture areas, in between other areas.

Design of Sandmosen 38:

First, there was a presentation of the permaculture design and afterwards, a guided tour through the property.

First, we started with the private garden, where Jozef explained how we decided to choose different plants and transforming the area into a no-dig garden.


Very close to the private garden, there is a greenhouse for hens, where there is passive solar energy and the ground has been excavated. Since there is a difference on ground level, air circulates better.

Next to the tiny greenhouse, there are some small trees growing on pots until they become bigger, before they are planted somewhere else.

Living fence

As Sandmosen 38 is an area with a lot of deers, Jozef decided to adapt to it by planting bush fences.

There are also alder trees, which fix nitrogen into the soil. Close to this area, there are also nut trees.


The next step is another area with alder trees, which Jozef has prepared for Allé-growing. In this area, there are rows of 10 meters long with fruit trees.



Due to the high level of water, Jozef decided to dig ditches. The sand has been placed around the politunnel, where hens find their shelter. These hens produced eggs that are sold to local people.

The last stop took place in the greenhouse, close to the house. This area has been used for multiple purposes, as a teaching area, dinning room in the summer or relaxing space.


Welcome to the Permaculture Association of Denmark!