Permakulturhaven : Book release!


om flerårige grøntsager, skovhaver & gravefri dyrkning til selvforsyning & en levende fremtid
(about perennial vegetables, forestgardens and
no-dig methods for self-suffiency and a living future.)

Publishes. 12. april 2017
Language: Danish

Permakulturhaven is a book for those of you who would like to influence the world from your own garden. It’s for those of you, for whom permaculture, gardening and self-sufficiency is new, and also for you who know about permaculture design, are experienced gardeners and have grown food for most of your lives. And then the book is also for all of you in between. You, who are neither novices nor experienced gardeners, but who want to grow and enjoy healthy food, from a living garden that is buzzing with life.

The book gives you practical knowledge about permaculture gardening via:

• Plant Portraits of more than 50 perennial vegetables
• Cultivation Techniques in no-dig gardening
• Step-by-step guides to establishment
• Description of annual vegetables for self-sufficiency
• Design of forest garden trees, shrubs and vegetables
• Insight into Earth’s cycles and organisms
• Integration of the gardens animals and insects
• Informative illustrations and photos
…and much more!

Authors: Karoline Nolsø Aaen & Tycho Holcomb
Release: 2017
Number of pages: 284
ISBN 978-87-999781-0-6