Permakultur Midtsjælland (Mid-Zealand)

Permakultur Midtsjælland is open to everyone with an interested in permaculture.

The group started as a small diploma guild in August 2017. The guild wanted have contact with other permaculture-interested in the local area and created a facebook group for this purpose.

On the first meeting of the diploma guild, the following was agreed to:


“We are an open group, which works together freely according to the individual interests. The group is a support for the members on their way towards a permaculture diploma. We have structured and effective meetings and we have fun.”

The guild has meetings according to need and has a fixed agenda.

In 2018, we started up informal “inspiration days” for everyone who is experimenting with permaculture to inspire each other with various permaculture projects. You can bring whatever you might be working on and then you work side by side and exchange ideas and experiences.

Time and place of the various meetnigs and events are published in the facebook group: Permakultur Midtsjælland.


Welcome to the Permaculture Association of Denmark!