Permaculture Research

In order to gain a solid base in our permaculture practices, we encourage members to participate in the many research projects that take place within the permaculture networks.

At the moment, the main bulk of research t is based in UK through PIRN. Check it out and get involved!

Here in Denmark, we are working on developing a permaculture scientific literature database. So if you know any relevant resources, please share!

Also, we are working on bringing permaculture in to the Danish universities. One of our strategies is to get students to do permaculture research projects and thereby increase the demand for permaculture in academia. However, some professors are already interested.  We would like to connect and spread the knowledge of how we can support each other.

One of the permaculture research areas that we are working with in these initial stages is agroforestry practices. If you are a considering doing a research project on this topic, check out this Agroforestry thesis ideas catalogue  from University of Copenhagen.

If you are doing Permaculture related research, please do not hesitate to contact us! Write about your project bellow or contact our Research coordinator Candela Vargas at

Welcome to the Permaculture Association of Denmark!