Permaculture Denmark is a memberdriven and memberbased association with a board consisting of Cathrine Dolleris, Arendse Marie Gulløv, Jens Hansen, Laura Vejen Barnkob, Charlotte Louise Langdon, Mette Brodersen and Ruben Hernandez Romero; Kurt Holm and Dan Fisker are faithful alternates.

The Board holds 3-4 meetings every year and, moreover, skype meetings if there is need for. All members are welcome to participate, just send us a request and your skype name to post@permakultur-danmark.dk. Summaries (in danish) of board meetings are uploaded to the website after each meeting.

Statutes can be found (in danish) here: Articles of Association

As a member you hold the opportunity to influence the work of the organization regarding, promoting and spreading awareness of permaculture. You can contact the Board with suggestions and questions via mail post@permakultur-danmark.dk

You can read further information in the section Become a member.

– We look forward to welcoming your ideas!

The PIC code of the association: 948295087

Welcome to the Permaculture Association of Denmark!