Permaculture tour


We are happy to invite you to the 1st Permaculture tour in Denmark.
Along this trip, we will visit permaculture projects; having introductions, guided-tours and helping them in the gardens.
Along the way, you will have the opportunity to meet beautiful people, buy local products, books about permaculture, establish new friendships and have loads of fun. And of course, you will gain knowledge in permaculture and a lot of inspiration.
During our trip, we will visit LAND centers. You can read about them in this link:


Between the 22nd and 26th of June 2017.


Meeting point: Byhaven2200, Copenhagen

The following links are some of the places which will be visited:

Ananda Gaorii (

Byhaven2200 (

Farendløse Mosteri (

Fejø Retreat Center (

Kattekærhus Land center (

Myrrhis Permakulturhaven (

Skolen for Livet (

We drive in private vans and take ferries to get to different islands. Moreover, we will be eating rescued food and sleeping in tents. We will also help for a few hours in different tasks in most of the places.

We will be sleeping in tents in the different farms.

If you play an instrument, you are more than welcome to bring it along. And if you like taking pictures, bring your camera!! If you have a car/van and would like to join us, it can be possible. There could be room for up to 14 people.  Contact us for more details.


We will rescue food to prepare vegan meals. 


Sleeping bag, sleeping mat, towel, headlamp, own set to eat (plate, cutlery,  cup), working clothes, swimsuit. You don’t need to bring your own tent.

In order to sign up, fill in the form attached to this post and send it to the email below . *Signing up available between 2nd and 16th of june. Send the form to

Permaculture tour_form_PKDK

Make sure you don’t miss it !!
Only 2 spots left available.


Price: 850dkk members of PKDK / 1100dkk non-members of PKDK

Bank account details: 8401 1047697

When you send the transfer, remember to write “permabus + your full name”

If you have any questions about this trip, you can contact Ruben (

Thursday 22nd (Byhaven2200, Kattekærhus, Ananda Gaorii)
10.30h Tour in Byhave2200 (Copenhagen)
13h Leave by car towards Holbæk
14.30h Ferry to Orø (only by walk; short distances/ 30 min ferry + 25 min walk)
15.30h Tour to Kattekærhus Land center
18h Back to Holbæk and drive to Ananda Gaorii
19.30h Dinner in Ananda Gaorii
20.30h Introduction to Ananda Gaorii Ecovillage and Permaculture project
22h Open space (games, fire, music jam and stories)

Friday 23rd (Ananda Gaorii, Friland)
6.30am Yoga and Kiirtan
8am Breakfkast
9-12.30h Permablitz in Ananda Gaorii
13h Lunch
15h Ferry from Odde to Ebeltoft (it takes 55 min)
16.30h Arrive to Friland
17h Guided tour and introduction to Myrrhis Land center/ Friland ecovillage
19.30h Dinner
21h Set up tents + open space

Saturday 24rd (Friland, Fejø Retreat Center)
6.30am yoga and Kiirtan
8am Breakfast
9-12am Permablitz
13h Ferry from Ebeltoft to Odde
14h Drives towards Fejø
17h Ferry (it takes 15 min.)
17.30h Introduction to Fejø Retreat Land Center
19.30h Dinner
21h Set up tents + open space

Sunday 25th (Fejø, Langeland)
6.30am yoga and Kiirtan
8am Breakfast
9-12h Permablitz in Lene’s Garden, Fejø
12.30 Lunch
13.40 Ferry from Fejø to Kragenæs
14h Drive from Kragenæs to Tårs (25 min)
15.15h Ferry from Tårs to Langeland (45 min)
16.30h Tour on Langeland
19.30h Dinner
21h Open space

Monday 26th (Skolen for Livet, Farendløse Mosteri)
6.30am Yoga and Kiirtan
8am Breakfast
10.15h Ferry to Tårs (45 min)
12.30h Stop in Skolen for Livet project (Stege)
13.15h Help wwoofers in the garden
15h Introduction to the project
16h Drive to Farendløse Mosteri (Ringsted)
17-19h Tour in Farendløse Mosteri
19-19.30 Closing Circle and evaluation
19.30h Drive back to Copenhagen
21h Arrival in Copenhagen