Permablitz (noun): An assembly of volunteers, who in a single day creates or expands an edible garden with perennial chops in alignment with the principles of permaculture, exchange knowledge about permaculture and sustainable lifestyle as well as have an enjoyable and fun day together!

Dear members and permaculturists !
Are you just itching to turn theory into practice? Do you want to gain experience you can take with you home? And do you want to meet others with the same interest in permaculture with whom you can share experiences? Or is it difficult to keep the pot boiling after the last exciting perma-course?
Then PermaBlitzing might just be the thing for you !

A permablitz is a free and open day-event where volunteers help someone turn their garden into an edible paradise. Anyone interested can participate no matter age, background and experience – the point of a permablitz is exactly to gather both seasoned and novice permaculturists to spread the knowledge and experience of permaculture though learning-by-doing.
In return for their help, the volunteers get a day filled with new friends and new knowledge, small talk while weeding, high-fives after a hard job well done, a well deserved midway-lunch, the joy of seeing the results at record speed and last but not least, receiving the heartfelt gratitude of the garden’s owner.
When the day is over, an incredible transformation should have taken place and hopefully you will go home with a head full of buzzing ideas.

The practicalities surrounding a permablitz is up to the organiser(s), but a blitz usually lasts a full day’s work (about 9:00-16:00) and halfway lunch will be provided by the organiser(s) – or it is arranged so that the participants each bring a dish for a shared buffet.
During the day, it is possible for some of the participant to arrange small workshops, if they want to share their knowledge of permaculture in a certain field.

The only requirement for hosting a permablitz is an existing permaculture design over the area developed by a designer with Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC). If you have the land, but not the certificate we can help you get in contact with a PDC-holder to make the design.

Moreover, a permablitz does not exclusively revolve around the creation of a perma-garden – it you are in need of help for e.g. a larger building project, you can organise a permablitz and thus kick-start your project – as long as the project are in alignment with the principles of permaculture, the focus of your permablitz is entirely up to you!

In Permaculture Denmark, we are planning to arrange permablitzes in community gardens in Copenhagen and the surrounding areas, but we strongly encourage you, our members, to host permablitzes in you own gardens regardless if you live in the city or the countryside, to the east or to the west.
In this way we can spread permaculture together – one backyard at a time.

We can help you to spread the message if you will hold a permablitz. Just write to

Welcome to the Permaculture Association of Denmark!