Nordic Permaculture Festival

text and photos: Kurt Holm
translation: Charlotte Langdon

The Nordic Permaculture Festival, Jondal, Norway- it’s over and now I’m here summing it all up- I’m thinking especially about why you should allow yourself the pleasure of taking part in the Nordic Permaculture festival, which by the way will be held in Denmark next year.

There has already been written some fine articles by Cathrine Dolleris, Karoline Aaen and Charlotte Lou Langdon,  that tell about the content of the festival and workshops, so I won’t be delving into that here.

The Nordic Permaculture Festival is not just all party and bright colours- it’s more of a place where permaculture practitioners meet, and hear new things, swap ideas and experiences, take part in meetings and workshops, eat healthy food and get cosy with likeminded people from the Nordic countries and in fact individuals from around the world. All this and it doesn’t need to break the bank. Accomodation choices ranged from tents and dormitorieson the cheaper side, to individual rooms at the more expensive. The travel could have been better planned… twenty-five hours on buses and five changes (You can imagine I was numb from sitting down, but it was all worth it)

The thing that makes it so special for me, is the experience of the different countries. Each year we change country and the hosting country work hard to make sure you get a really “local” experience with local food, local features and the local culture can really be felt.

Between the many participants, younger and older, experienced and beginners, is that common postive permaculture attitude of meeting other others, listening and talking with each other without prejudies and judgement. You can feel the common ethics (care of the earth, care of people and fair share of resources) It’s a bit like meeting old friends.

You don’t have to be “something special in permaculture” This year there was actually a larger group of people, that weren’t already a member of any permaculture association, but had that “green” interest. It was nice to speak with that group, since it gives a good picture of where we are heading. Alltogether it gave a real boost/kick of new energy and motivation to have been a part of the event.

If you’ve got a bit of GO in you, and you’ve now become curious, then take a few days off, to come to next years Nordic Permaculture Festival, you won’t regret it.

Best-permaculture-wishes, Kurt Holm

 Hardanger Peace Academy, which beautifully hosted and framed the Festival, was situated out to Hardanger Fjord- and a great place to go swimming!