Nordic Permaculture Festival 2019 at Søhøjlandet

Please be welcome at the Nordic Permaculture Festival 2019 in Denmark at Himmelbjerggården at Søhøjlandet.
The Nordic Permaculture Festival is – a festival about Permaculture where we exchange knowledge, skills, and ideas via workshops, music, food, and community. Every year it is arranged in a new Nordic country and in Denmark every 4th year.
Permaculture Denmark would like to offer 3 half price tickets to either one who can create
  1. Take 3-5 amazing pictures from the festival
  2. Make a 30sec-1min movie from the festival
  3. Write a text about their experience on the festival

The competition finishes at 10am sunday July 28th.
Please send your contributions to before this time

The material will be used for promoting Permakultur Danmark and events such as this festival.

We invite you to join us for a weekend of great fun. Read more at the festival site