Local networks

At the moment, locally based groups working with permaculture are springing up all around. These groups we call local networks. Until now, we only know of a few well-established, organised groups. However, it is the intention of the association to stimulate the formation of more local networks everywhere in the country.

In the following areas, local networks are already established or setting up.



The Island of Fejø




The Island of Samsø



Do you want to start up a local network or a local association?
Please contact us on aktiv@permakultur-danmark.dk! We’d be happy to provide advice and/or make sure that your initiative is mentioned here on the webpage. It is meant as a presentation- and communication platform but can be used as the local networks find it most useful.

Find permaculturists in your local are
On this map, you find an overview of the members of Permakultur Danmark, the LAND-centers, Danish diplomas, etc. Use it to gain a network and community with other like-minded people in your area.

Welcome to the Permaculture Association of Denmark!