On this page, a number of initiatives that strive to live in compliance with the basic principles of permaculture are described. At the moment, we are working to get descriptions of present diploma and user-projects posted on this page.

If you have an ongoing project that complies with the basic principles, feel free to send us a description of the project to for the possibility to have it published on this site.

The City Garden Network (Byhave Netværket)

An organisation that works with planning, design and implementation of green areas, especially in the urban landscape (but also in rural areas) e.g. in connection with changes or refurbishment of playgrounds, courtyards, parks and squares. Among other, the network experience with local use of rainwater (LAR) in small urban spaces.

The residential project in Gule Reer

The 20+ year old permaculture project ‘Gule Reer’:

The self-sufficient village

Den Selvforsynende Landsby/The Self-Sufficient Village.


VesterGrow (VesterGror) is a resident movement on Vesterbro in Copenhagen. In 1988, the movement won the competition ‘Green City’ and as since worked to have urban ecology introduced in urban renewal. Moreover, over the years VesterGrow has started a long row of urban ecology projects regarding waste management, greening of courtyards and soon to come the ecological grosery shop ‘Solhatten’.

Valby Garden

In 1996, Permaculture Denmark was assigned with the job of designing one of 17 theme gardens in Valby Park in Copenhagen as a part of Culture City 1996. The result was ‘The Sustainable Garden’ which has subsequently served as our own little showcase for permaculture in practice. Initially, the communal workers had little faith that it was possible to create a garden meeting the principles of permaculture. And when the concrete evidence to the contrary was complete, the park’s in-house gardeners would rather not tend to it! Even though the garden demanded significantly less working hours than some of the other theme gardens, it was still too bizarre and confusing with such a garden where they could not just cut the hedges and trim the roses as in any other ‘nice’ garden …

The 700m2 garden contains among many other elements a covered pavilion, a sunspot, an orchard, hot compost, an integrated water circuit with rainwater harvesting and an area for percolation. And the garden demonstrates beautifully the degree of lushness and forest atmosphere that can be achieved even on a very small area. Since 1996, the garden has undergone certain changes: the earth cellar has collapsed due to an error in construction and parts of the water circuit is incapacitated. Further, we had to abandon actual cultivation of vegetables in the garden. As the garden no longer represents all five zones of permaculture design, we have decided to rename the garden to the less binding name ‘The Forest Garden’.
Despite these changes the garden undauntedly appears as an unusually lush and tranquil little spot and serves as a living demonstration of nature’s powerful ability to regenerate resources.

You can always bring your family to Valby Park and talk about garden ideals, routine thinking and environmental awareness – and about why gardens always have to be ‘nice’ and labour-intensive to a degree where there is no time to just kick back and enjoy the garden from the hammock!

Questions or inquires into tours of the garden can be put to:
Signe Hermansen, tlf. 28966075 –

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