Vesterbro nature- & environment workshop TRÆSTUBBEN, an urban space in transformation.


Address: Saxogade 17, Vesterbro

Project leader: Felix Becker


Phone: +45 20649022


LAND center accreditation: 2016

Description: An old public toilet in Saxoparken, in Vesterbro, Copenhagen, has been transformed into a nature workshop and a demonstration building for sustainable construction.  It is located in a closely populated urban area with otherwise few green spaces and thereby function as a green oasis for the residents.  Here, the user groups meet across differences and help out taking care of the place. The space is also being used for various projects with the local primary schools and kindergartens.


The workshop center and park is located in between 4- story buildings in a central area of Copenhagen. In this area of Copenhagen, Vesterbro, there is only about 2–3m2 green space per inhabitant. We consider that the interpretation of nature and environmental issues is specially important in highly populated urban areas, where a basic connection to nature is missing.

Although some local people expected the place to be vandalized, there has been no serious vandalism since the establishment of the workshop in 2008. We think it is due the high engagement, involvement, and collaboration with local neighbours.

The transformation of the old toilet building to an environmental- and nature workshop is also a demonstration of sustainable building. We installed solar panels for electricity and all the building materials come from recycling or local factories. Together we created a green and regenerative place in a public park, where people from Vesterbro can relax and get their hands into the in the earth and co-maintain this urban oasis.

Apart from enjoying the park our purpose with the instructed workshops for children is to enable them to explore nature and environmental issues using all of their senses forming the foundation of nature and environmental conscience.

The connection between nature and environment topics is shown by integrated environment- and nature education. The primary purpose of Vesterbro environmental- and nature workshop is to give children a conscience and knowledge, that we and all the things around of us are a part of nature. We believe that we, with this in mind, contribute to the development of a new generation of children with a sense for nature — and environmental issues.

Welcome to the Permaculture Association of Denmark!