Fejø Retreat Center

Community, mindfulness, health promotion, regeneration of humans in nature, work with nature and not against nature.

Project leader: Anne Moloney

IMG_2313Address: Storemosevej 32, Fejø

Email: moloney@fejoe.dk

Telephone: 60834944

Website: fejoeretreat.dk og facebook

Area: 8,9 ha

LAND center accreditation:
21 November 2014

In 1998, we bought the property. In 2008 we started the association Fejø
Permaculture and Transitioninitiativ. In 2009 we got our design. In 2012, we started the Healing Garden n Fejø.

Sustainable improvement of buildings, culture and education, economics and exchange systems, health and wellbeing, garden, forest garden, pristine areas, nature care and biodiversity, local community, local land management and environment.

Information activities:
I show the design of Fejø Retreat and explain about ethics and principles. In The Healing Garden at Fejø, the forest garden demonstrates the cultivation principles, compost and soil coverage.
We have developed a dance that shows the 5 elements and the ethics of permaculture. Through the way we do things we demonstrate care and regeneration. In addition, I largely use the permaculture flower.

Fejø Retreat got its permaculture design in 2009 and the realization time is 20 years. Permaculture and ethics permeate the place. We work from elements and principles in the realization of the design. We have a guest cabin built of straw bales (built in the year 2000); mulching toilets; rainwater collection; vegetable self-sufficiency on the way; planting trees; and course activities.

Groups up to 20 people on day trips are suitable or 6 persons on weekends.
Facilities for visitors: Accommodation in shared bedrooms or tent.
Bath / sun-heated shower. Toilet / mulching toilets. Possibility of cooking / “barn kitchen”.

Indgangen til Den Helbredende Have

Welcome to the Permaculture Association of Denmark!