LAND Gathering in North Jutland

The LAND Gathering from 2018 took place in Aabybro, at Jozef and Bente Blockx, during last weekend. We were about 20 people.

Sarah McCarthy, a student from Aarhus University, took the first workshop under the name “Objective, challenges and solutions for LAND centers”. This workshop was a great start of our gathering. She is collecting data from Permakultur Danmark for her master thesis. We send her our best energy to write the thesis.

After that workshop, there were different updates from LAND centers and starters. Karensminde, Myrrhis, Kattekærhus, Vestjyllands Højskole and Faery Meadows shared their experiences, both positive and hard from all over the year.

On Saturday morning, there was a bit of frost but that was not a problem to discover the place through a guided tour by Jozef. Many elements are there, others are on the process of implementation.

During the guided tour, the participants could see the different systems in the 3,5 ha property: alley cropping, silvopasture, market garden, chickens, polytunnel, nursery and other greenhouses.

Later on, on Saturday afternoon, there was an Open Space, a tool with a lot of potential for discussing topics, receiving feedback and get new inspiration. Some of the topics discussed were:

  • What is interesting to see in a LAND center if you are a new visitor?
  • Why should you be part of the LAND network?
  • How do we do to grow our LAND network?
  • How to start from zero if you are interested on permaculture?
  • Management of volunteers.
  • Management of a Local network around your LAND center.
  • Ensuring LAND centers quality.

On Saturday evening Jozef´s place got accredited as a new LAND center. Check description of Sandmosen 38 LAND here. Moreover, Tycho shared his adventure to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. In that adventure, Tycho and Karoline went to these two countries to explore the unique apple forest in the world. It is those regions where apple trees come from and they can be found in combination with other fruit trees. According to that, they were very excited to find out which species are living in apple forests in order to improve their understanding of forest gardening and, therefore, being able to make better designs.

We dedicated Sunday morning to make conclusions and distribute tasks for coming season.

Our next LAND gathering will happen in November 15-17, 2019. Save the dates!!

There is no a fixed location, yet.

We thank to everyone that joined and, specially, to all volunteers that took care of cooking and make sure that none was hungry anytime.