Journal of Permaculture (Tidsskrift om Permakultur)

As a member of Permakultur Danmak, you receive the Journal of Permaculture (Tidsskrift om Permakultur).

The journal contains in-depth articles on how to rebuild natural resources and counteract climate change. The themes of the articles are such as forest gardens, agroforestry, acquaculture, perennial vegetables, design of low-energy houses from local and natural materials, holistic grazing, local money, biochar ovens, compost toilets, etc.

In short, articles with portraits of permaculture projects and permaculture-related subjects alongside news from the three Nordic permaculture associations.

The journal is published by the small company LevBæredygtigt twice a year. The spring edition is 48 pages long and the fall edition 32 pages long.



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