Folkeavisen is here!

Climate change threatens our future and it is necessary that we make a transition to a sustainable lifestyle, within just a few years, if we are to survive as a civilisation- that is, a maximum of 20 years according to climate research.

Already, this transition is taking place- companies are converting their production, towns are becoming transition towns, countries, governments and municipalities are beginning to take climate change seriously and the UN has made 17 World Sustainable Development Goals. To top it all off, 196 countries are included in the Paris Agreement, which focuses on a global transition in order to counter climate change.

Initiatives are spreading, but are unfortunately they still aren’t sufficient. It’s for this reason that Danish green organisations came together to create a “Folkeavis” (The people’s paper) for the upcoming local elections here in 2017. The paper is an appeal to: take action, create a new path and make the transition to sustainability on all levels.  This can mean sustainable development of the Danish society, carried by the public, the municipalities, and companies.

This paper has been written by 36 green associations and people from civil society. In it you will find a long list of solutions and suggestions, on how we can create sustainability within 9 important areas. These are simple solutions- straightforward to implement, that have been tried and tested.

These aren’t party politic suggestions, but an attempt to formulate THE COMMON GOOD (Det Fælles Bedste) for ourselves and our future generations. The paper is intended as a green agenda for the local elections. We hope it can be used by local citizens and politicians, to find a new way; to create local debate for voters and municipal meetings; to gather organisations in shared activities and action; as the starting point for election of politicians in your municipality.

At this moment, it is especially the civil society (rural towns, organisations and citizens) that are active for transition. But an increasing number of companies can see, that in the near future, the best business lies in sustainable production. They can also see, that there is an abundance of possibilities, and the business sector in future, will only consist of green and innovative companies.

The municipalities have an important role to play in transition and some are already taking action. They have the possibility to implement sustainable actions, together with the people and local businesses. Energy, transport, food, homes and business. As one municipal chairman says in the paper “We can lead the way and inspire, instead of just coming behind. There are so many possibilities, it’s just a matter of getting started.”

We hope the paper can inspire people to get started. We hope to create a dialogue about the future. Choose the politicians that understand the importance of transition, and can see all the possibilities in it.

Enjoy reading!

You can read the (Danish) virtual version of Folkeavisen here

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Det Fælles Bedste is made up of 4 green associations: Permakultur Danmark, Landsforeningen for Økologisk Byggeri, Omstilling Danmark and Landsforeningen for Økosamfund. Plus a network to over 60 green associations and a secretariat.