Fejø Retreat

Community, mindfulness, health promotion, regeneration of people in nature, work with nature and not against nature.

Project leader: Anne Moloney
Storemosevej 32, Fejø
+45 60834944

Visitors:  Groups of up to 20 people for day visit and up to 6 for week visit.

Facilities: Possibilities to stay overnight inside or outside in tent. Sun-heated shower, toilet, compost toilet, availability of cooking facilities.

Area: 8,9 ha

Project start: 1998

LAND center accreditation: 21st of November 2014

Educational activities: Demonstration and explanation of the design and ethics and principles. Dance activities to demonstrate the permaculture ethics.


Environmental improvement of buildings, culture and education, economy and exchange systems, health and well-being, untouched areas, nature care and biodiversity, community gardening, local management of land and environment.

We bough the property in 1998. It was used as a smallholding farm with 8,9 ha land in a southwestern, hilly terrain. There is a beautiful view over fields, plantations, a great marsh and the sea of “Smålandshavet”. The land has been certified organic since 2000.

We have had a variety of grain crops alongside the nitrogen-fixing clover grass. Right now, the soil has been planted with permanent grass. We have also had chicken, geese and wool sheep from Gotland, Sweden, for self-sufficiency, but at the moment we do not have any animals besides two cats.

Through the years, we have arranged two guest rooms with kitchenette and in the former stable we have installed a dining room. In the garage we have a music room and a big multi flex-room on the previous grain loft. In an annex, we have build a winter garden with glass facade, which enables you to walk from the old part of the house to the new rooms in the barn. Moreover, we have constructed a guest hut out of straw-bales with grass roof, established as alpine biotope.

In 2009, we prepared a permaculture design for the property, which spans over the coming 20 years. We are working on creating a foundation, which should own and run the place. In this way, we make sure that the permaculture project will continue also after our lifetime.

Professionally, we are artists, communication-workers and therapists. The property function as a retreat facility with courses, treatments of medically unexplained symptoms and various events.

Ethics and design

The ethics of permaculture permeates Fejø Retreat. In the design, we continuously take feedback into account and redesign accordingly.

We have a a guest hut of straw-bales, compost toilet, rainwater collection, kitchen garden for self-sufficiency, tree planting and course activities.

Moreover, we are co-founders of a small permaculture organisation Fejø Permakultur og Omstilling.

Principles and methods

A part of our permaculture design is The Healing Garden (“Den Helbredende Have”), where herbs with healing properties are grown. It was started in 2012 in collaboration with the organisation The Healing Garden on Fejø (“Den Helbredende Have på Fejø”). Here, forest garden cultivation principles are demonstrated alongside composting and ground covering.

Also, we have developed a dance, which shows the five elements (soil, water, air, energy and organisation) and the ethics of permaculture.

Regeneration af naturressourcer

We work with composting, ground cover and planting of trees.  A small lake has been restored. The major part of the soil has been laid out for permanent grass, which means a revival of the plant and animal life as there is relatively undisturbed.

We have  a separating compost toilet; Urine is spread out and used as fertilizer for the non-edible crops. We produce very little waste, eat no meat and do not have a car. The beds in the zones closest to the house are cultivated with ground cover without use of machines. Our land mover is electric. The tree planting on the northern hills of the property is done manually and with soil cover around the planted trees.

Social regeneration

We work with various social technologies such as Open Space, World Café and Dragon Dreaming. Our organisational structure is flat and including. We work for inclusion in the form of job training and job orientation in colaboration with Jobcenter Lolland.


Welcome to the Permaculture Association of Denmark!