EVS opportunity in Arterra, a spanish ecovillage

Do you feel like experimenting the life in Arterra for 3 months? We have a place for you through our EVS program!

You will be working on the community farm from the 1st of September – 30 November which is the time of harvesting all the bounty from the garden!

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What is EVS?
EVS is the European Voluntary Service, is a program allowing young people to go abroad, learn and contribute to a better world with support from Erasmus+ funding. It provides an opportunity to join meaningful work and experiential learning while your food, accommodation, traveling, pocket money, insurance and mentorship are fully covered. A person can only do one long-term EVS.

The EVS project will take place from 1 of September 2018 to 30 November 2018.

Arterra Bizimodu: www.arterrabizimodu.org
The living conditions will be simple with the focus on low ecological footprint. You may expect shared rooms and common facilities, natural rural environment and diverse social activities together with the group.

Young peoples the age 17-30, who have not participated in an EVS project before, from the corresponding partner countries: Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom. If you are not from any of these countries, you can apply if you find a sending organization from your country.

We are looking for motivated candidates with a pro-active, creative and problem- solving attitude, with a wish to learn about farming and other ecovillage activities.

The main activities of the EVSers will be working in the garden cultivating vegetables and taking care of the community animals, composting, and normal community chores such as cooking and cleaning. The volunteers are expected to produce a creative presentation in form of video/audio, poster or photo collage about their learnings and discoveries from agricultural techniques they experienced during their EVS period.

If you are interested in this EVS project, please send your CV and motivational letter to Ruben from Permakultur Danmark (rubenbiolec@gmail.com):