Due to EU funding, we are able to offer training in Europe to two members of Permakultur Danmark. Perhaps that is something for you?

What is it about?

EU has allocated funds to Permakultur Danmark under the Erasmus+ program for further training of passionate volunteers and teachers inside permaculture. We can send one participants to each of the following courses:

”Nature-based design frameworks including permaculture”  Portugal, Lissabon Botanical Garden 14th-18th of May 2018.
Are you interested in going into depth with ”Biomimicry”, ”Biophilic design”, ”Regeneration” and ”Resilience studies”? You need a PDC and a master in a relevant subject, be interested in research and teaching in order to come into consideration.

Ridgedale Permaculture: Farm scale Permaculture & Regenerative  Agriculture design – 10 day advanced farm and homestead design training (PDC), 13th-22th of June 2018.

How can you participate?

The purpose is to upgrade the teachers of Permakultur Danmark in order to offer more courses of high quality. In order to participate, you must therefore be a member of Permakultur Danmark and preferably associated with a LAND-center, have plans about starting a LAND-center or in other ways be associated with a teaching site. You should want to teach permaculture afterwards and take part in the development of the teaching group.

Write an application to Permakultur Danmark about why you should be offered a course and what you would like to use the course for; personally, in your teaching and in Permakultur Danmark.

The course, the cheapest transport method possible and accomodation is paid via Erasmis+,  EU.

Send your application to before the 5th of March 2018.

Would you like to know more?

For questions, contact Cathrine Dolleris on:

Read here about former participants’ experiences with Erasmus+ (DK + EN).

Welcome to the Permaculture Association of Denmark!