Diploma holders

In Denmark, there are 9 diploma holders at the moment:

Tony Andersen, Jesper Saxgren, Poul Erik Pedersen (at the moment, not available for mentoring diploma aspirants), Mira Illeris, Esben Schultz, Cathrine Dolleris, Tycho Holcomb og Karoline Nolsø Aaen and Petra Dall.

Diploma designs:

Karoline Nolsø Aaen and Tycho Holcomb obtained their permaculture diplomas on January 21st, 2017 during the Nordisk Træf (a yearly meeting of the three Nordic permaculture associations). Their tutor was Tony Andersen (Denmark) and the external supervisors Esbjörn Wandt (Sweden) and the oponent Helena von Bothmer (Sweden). You can read more about their diplomas here:

Site development

Cathrine Dolleris was accredited as diploma holder in England in November 2014. Cathrine is a diploma tutor from the English system 5.2 and takes diploma students  from both the English and the Nordic systems. You can see her ten designs here:

Strawbale house in Birkegårdens Haver

Public Relation elements design

Setting up LAND in Denmark

Becoming an awesome permaculture teacher

Seaweed mulch

Flex-oven design

Designing the Action Learning Pathway

Homestead design Katterkærhus

Forest Garden Design

Universal tea

Petra Dall joined the German diploma system at Permakultur-Akademie and graduated in 2016. She is trained as a social worker and is working together with her husband, Morten, who is a craftsman and industrial designer and who has joined a PDC.
Petra focus and experience lies within the realms of:
– Medicinal herbs, plants and roses (products as teas, remedies and ointments)
– Permaculture design in combination of landscape and ornamented farm design (Vitsøhus, Ærø: paradise garden with nature experiences open for visitors)
– Animal-involving design (products as knitting wool, mats and soap)
– Teaching and educational design on the basis of „Permaculture-Pedagogy“
– Soundtherapy and ThetaHealing

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