About the association

Permakultur Danmark is a member-driven and member-based association with a board consisting of: Cathrine Dolleris, Charlotte Louise Langdon, Mette Brodersen, Dorte Fløjgaard, Kurt Holm, Ruben Hernandez  Romero (alternate), Sonja Heden (alternate), Tanja Condrea and Tove Bang. The board have meetings in person 3-4 times a year and additional online meetings according to need. All members are welcome to partake. You just need to send a request to post@permakultur-danmark.dk. Meeting minutes are uploaded after each meeting here.

The articles of association (AoA) of Permakultur Danmark can be found here and its rules of procedure for 2015-2019, here.

As a member, you have a big say and possibility to influence the work of the association in order to promote the knowledge of permaculture. Read more under “Go active” and register as a member here.

You can always contact the board on post@permakultur-danmark.dk. We look forward to welcome your ideas!

Permakultur Danmark’s CVR-number: 34420971
Permakultur Danmark’s PIC-code: 948295087

For payments:
Reg. nr.: 8401 Account nr.: 1047697
Bank: Merkur Andelskasse.
IBAN: DK4684010001047697
SWIFT address/BIC : MEKUDK21
Donations are welcome!

Welcome to the Permaculture Association of Denmark!