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Mycelium workshop at Byhaven2200

By Candela VargasLand_logo_rentegnet

The mycelium inoculation workshop took place Wednesday 29th of April. It was a great success. Many people showed up eager to learn how to grow their own oyster mushrooms.

Room for mushroom production at “Skyttegårdens Østershatte”.

We inoculated beech logs with two different precultures. One from small birch pellets and another one from mycelium growing on straw bales. The second ones are donated by a mushroom producer that discards the mycelium bags after the productive peak.

Tomas explains how to drill in the fresh wood and introduce the pellets.
The top of the logs is covered with bee wax to avoid contamination with other fungi.

Tomas Jahn and Candela facilitated the activity and explained in depth about the intricacies of mycelium and mushroom production. 8 logs were inoculated, some lay partially under water to make sure they do not dry out and some others are standing up with one edge partially dug underground to give stability to the log. In the inoculation spots and in the edges the logs where covered with bee wax to avoid contamination. The participants had the chance to bring some mycelium home to try growing them there. Now we wait exited for the mushrooms to appear during the following autumn.