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5 Day Intentional Community Design Course

Learn how to create highly successful intentional communities

July 13  17, Ananda Gaorii, Denmark


As economic conditions across Europe continue to worsen there are a growing  number of people thinking about moving to the countryside and joining an existing community or creating their own in order to pursue a more sustainable lifestyle, grow their own food and find a deeper level of spirituality and community. Such a big change is not easy and requires knowledge, skills and preparation. That is why we have decided to hold a workshop on intentional community design conducted by some excellent teachers with a lot of experience.

Permaculture trainer and activist, Rakesh Rootsman from the U.K., is coming to Denmark to teach this 5 day course on intentional community design. He will be assisted by Cathrine Dolleris who is also a Permaculture trainer and is living on an intentional community in Jutland, Denmark.

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