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The Nordic Permaculture Movement is creating cohesion and consistency through Scandinavia!

As every year since the creation of Permakultur Danmark the boards of the three Nordic Permaculture
associations together with many other engaged permaculturist gathered to figure out how to support each other and the permaculture movement in Scandinavia. This year the gathering took place in the beautiful eco-village Friland in Djursland.

During the Nordic Permaculture Gathering many inspiring activities took place. Participants made new useful contacts and shared their projects, many interesting Nordic permaculture collaborations are being consolidated. Here an overview of the activities:

We got the chance to share a yearly evaluation on the state of the Norwegian, Danish and Swedish permaculture associations. That process helped us all to evaluate on the different strategies we are following and see which ones works best. It is clear that to connect through local networks is key as well as to keep a solid core team to make sure that the association is running smooth.

Opening session for the Nordic Permaculture Convergence

A couple of session where focusing on the LAND network. As it is expanding and reaching to the other Nordic countries apart from Denmark. The idea was to gather the collective wisdom and to strengthen the network. All the important information and the minutes of the meetings will be uploaded soon.

We also had the honour to assist to Tycho’s and Karoline’s diploma project presentations. The process sparked heated discussions about the diploma process. This were dealt during the Nordic council meetings and many good decisions came forward.
For example: with the aim to speed up the design of the Nordic diploma, a new group has been formed, It has been called the Nordic Permaculture Secretary. It consist of one member from each of the Nordic Permaculture Associations and one Diploma holder from each country. This group will refined the agreed text and make a strategic plan to discuss during the year the major conflicting points in the text. As for example what is expected of a diploma aspirant and how should the project be presented.

One of the most fruitful session, in my opinion, was on planning fund-raising activities for the research group as many new ideas on how to get funding came forward and some participants committed to work further with developing a big collaboration strategy to apply Scandinavian and European funds.

During the Nordic Permaculture Institute meetings some people was more interested in depending on permaculture topics rather that attending the formal association decisions. So they were able to have an alternative. Anyhow the group remarked that this forum is the only time in the year where the two associations are sharing a decision taking space. Therefore it is important to give priority to that formal association gathering for knowledge and skills sharing we hold the Nordic Permaculture Festival every summer.

Among the alternatives there was a guided tour around Friland were Tove explained all the intricacies of the living community and the design of the passive constructions. They were so inspired by the beautiful natural buildings and their people.

Tycho showed the new piece of land where him and Karoline are planting chestnuts among other trees and bushes in a medium scale agroforestry system.

Niels Corfield from UK hold an inspiring session on advanced design. Looking specifically at how to tackle major challenges in your permaculture project. Some participants seem to have a break through on how to handle the permaculture projects the are creating.

The next Nordic Permaculture gathering will take place in Lund, Sweden the from the 9th till the 11th of February 2018. So write it already in your calendar!