PDC in Homabay, Kenya

Text and photos: Steve Odhiambo

I reported to the  training on 15th November morning where I joined other trainees alongside very wonderful trainer by names  Maurice Obuya and James Thiong’o  and  many  online  guest speakers from all over the world. We started with five days of introduction sessions of understanding permaculture ethics and the principles according to Bill Mollison.  Then we had one day of  practical application of ethics and principles at Jeffasions permaculture ecosphere. Then one day of intense practicals on doing compost, planting beds and swales, One day of doing design on paper considering the principles and participants doing presentation. One day tour to four  different permaculture sites across Nyanza region while doing observation and assessments. One day of analyzing the assessments and observations, graduation and a goodbye party. In total ten intensive days.

Steve Odhiambo har fået sit certifikat for PDCen i Kenya

I must inform you that I have really learned so much by engaging in the course and I’m happy we had practicals to make sure that we understand the theory. This was a big part of the learning and we had an existing mature ecosystem to relate to. Now I know what to do with my already started project in the city, how to bring in the permaculture principles and be able to impact the community.

I’m set to travel by 30th to Zanzibar for 10 days internship  at Dada permaculture center in Zanzibar to get more diverse knowledge and to expand on my network.

Much thanks from me and the entire Tunaweza permaculture project Kenya.


Steven Odhiambo


For hver PDC certifikat der bliver givet i Permakultur Danmark regi går 100 kr. til den internationale sponsorpulje for at give en værdig person mulighed for at komme til  “International Permaculture Conference” – IPC. Pga corona virus og andre forhindringer er IPCen blevet udsat og bestyrelsen har derfor valgt i år at sponsorere Steve Odhiambo, som er kendt af et tidligere bestyrelsesmedlem.