Permaculture Denmark 25th Anniversary 22. – 24. may at Ærø

Vitsøhus på Søbygårdsmarksvej 3, 5985 Søby, Ærø

Permakultur Denmark celebrates this spring its 25th anniversary. The Board appreciates all the work that the many enthusiasts have done during the 25 years the association has existed. We would like to celebrate it by collecting all the old and young permaculture forces under the same roof. We will look back at the major permaculture events that happened through the years in Denmark. You are welcome to send us your story!

Andy Goldring, the head of the British Permaculture association, will give us a taste of what will happen to the International Permaculture Convergence in England the coming September, he will also tell about the latest permaculture research. During this weekend the general assembly will take place as well as many other different activities, like workshops, theater, music, dancing, children’s activities, morning gymnastics, perma-stories, plant selling, a guided tour around Vitsøhus Permakulturhave, and so on. There will also be a banquet dinner with plenty of delicious food and cake, celebration of the guests of honor and celebration of the union Permaculture Denmark past, present and future.

The total price for the event and the food is:
500,00 kr. Pr person for members.
700,00 kr. Pr person for not members.
(Optional membership is included in the price)

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Greatly reduced prices for accommodation in Petra and Morten houses on a first come basis. However, no later than 30.04.2015
For those wishing to stay indoors, there are 15 beds in 3 cottages. If you did not get to register in time, we will refer you to other accommodations.

Single per. night: 275, – kr.
2 or 3 bed-room: 150, – kr. Per. person and night.
Accommodation in Yurt: 80, – kr. Per person and night. (max 6 people)

Own bedding or sleeping bags and sheets must be brought. Duvets and pillows are in the houses.
Guests are responsible for cleaning up the houses!
One can also place his tent on the lawn with access to toilet and shower: 50, – kr. Per. person and night.

Ferry Transportation to Ærø:

Sailing between the following destinations:
Fynshav – Søby, Faaborg – Søby or Svendborg-Ærøskøbing

More info and booking of car:
Busses on Ærø are free.

Velkommen til foreningen Permakultur Danmarks hjemmeside!