New conceptual raised beds in Byhaven2200

Land_logo_rentegnet“This year, we have decided to make changes to last years design, based on our learnings from past seasons,” says Candela Vargas, member of the LAND center designingByhaven 2200.

We have defined areas for perennials, annuals and thematic beds for example a Nekselø bed displaying all the biodiversity of the Island of Nekselø.”

Study Group #3 for Byhaven 2200 – Thursday, March 5th.


On this evening, we were 11 experienced members and 6 quite new volunteers. In this session, we presented all the work that had gone into creating the design draft of the garden.The garden design had been digitalized to make it more understandable and to ensure that it would be easier toad and modify elements if needed.

DesignsDuring the session, we moved forward on the design of the garden and the season ahead. We decided where toplace some of the new perennials as artichokes, numerous berry bushes and a few fruit trees. We also placed the annual crops according to companion plant and nitrogen fixers. We also identified all the different kind of crops we already have in the garden and divided the responsibility for taking good care of them during the season.

As a new social experiment, the volunteers at the meeting were encouraged to choose to care for plants that they are most interested in learning about and in harvesting. With this procedure, we hope to ensure that the volunteers in the garden will get the feeling of responsibility of certain crops in the garden. In addition, they have been given a voice and have had thechance to express what truly interests them in terms of caring for thegarden while learning new thing.It is our belief that the volunteers will end up taking care of plantsthat are spread around the garden and gain valuable knowledgeabout certain crops that they then can pass on to other volunteers and visitors in the garden. This knowledgemay also ad to a deeper sense of belonging and responsibility for the garden.Ultimately, we hope to see volunteers encouraged to sharing their knowledge, cooperating and interacting withothers to gain more knowledge and good yields – just like the plants in the garden do. We hope that the feelingof ownership for the whole space and not just a single garden bed will flourish from this new initiative.

New Conceptual Beds on the Way

The study group also brought up some interesting new thoughts about the garden. Some of the participants hadideas for additional beds based on interests and the urge to explore new areas within gardening. Thus, a mushroom bed will be realised this year as well as a ‘Witch bed’ with a focus on medicinal plants and a ‘loverscorner’ with a vine and rose espalier.We are all very curious about how this new garden structure will workout, but confident that it will somehow bring new nutrition to the gardenand its volunteers.All in all, it was encouraging to see how people actually tookresponsibility. They seemingly left the workshop happy to have made acommitment and empowered to go ahead and care for their favouriteplants.

And You Can Join Us Too

If you are interested in taking part of our new concept be aware that, there is always plants that could needsomeone to nurture them in the garden. Also, be aware that the participation in an eco-system built on passion,curiosity and knowledge sharing is quite addictive.You are welcome!