Guidelines for PDC

The rules for the PDC follow the international standards, i.e. there has to be a diploma-holder responsible for the teaching of a PDC.



In the Nordic  Institute of Permaculture (which consists of diploma-holders from Denmark, Sweden and Norway), following rules for the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) apply:

  • A Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC course), in which a PDC is issued, must follow the international guidelines for the content of the PDC course. Read more here.
  • A Permaculture Design Certificate can only be issued by a diploma-holder. This means that either there must be a diploma-holder in the planning, organizing and realization of the course or the responsible for the course must have had the content and organization of the course approved by a diploma-holder. See the list of Danish diploma-holders here.

If a PDC is ussed on a course which does not live up to the criteria, the PDC will not be recognized as valid in all the systems which have same criteria as the Nordic system. The criteria of the Nordic institute are at level with most other systems. See some examples here.

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