GROW projekt i 2018

Her kommer lidt nyhed fra GROW!

We hope you’ll join GROW in 2018 as we launch a number of new activities:

  • Four online courses. Our flagship course, Citizen Science: From Soil to Sky, will run again starting 19 February, followed by three new courses involving soil sensors, growing food and working with data. Sign up for From Soil to Sky through the link above.
  • GROW Places. Up to nine focused areas of communities of GROWers across Europe, interested in learning more about their soil, testing growing practices and sharing knowledge and data both virtually and in person. To express your interest in being involved with GROW Places, contact us at
  • Two missions – one on Changing Climate and one on Living Soils.  GROW missions allow you to combine online learning with practical activities where you and other participants will collect and learn from your data.
  • A growing advice app. The GROW app, launching in March 2018, will be complementary to the online courses and missions, providing a portal to upload your data, and providing growing advice for edible plants.

You can find out more about all our activities on our website and on our Facebook and Twitter, so keep in touch!