Valbyhaven- Plant-box sign-up and permablitz

Dato: søndag 12. april 2020
Klokken: 15:00 - 18:00

We are starting up a wonderful new season.
Come and sign up for your own plantbox for one season. If you sign up for a plantbox, then we expect you to take good care of your plants and water your box, 1-3 times pr. week in the hot summermonths. If you more feel like gardening as a social event, then you can come and join us at the permaculture garden at the monthly gardendays, or both 🙂

The program this first sunday the 12, is to get more plantboxes up and running, with our own compost. So join and help us with more boxes to more happy gardeners.

Hope to see both old and new gardeners 🙂


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