PDC kursus med Aranya- FLYTTET TIL 2022!

Dato: lørdag 12. juni 2021 - lørdag 26. juni 2021
Klokken: Hele dagen

Please note this course will be taught in English

Non-residential with camping and residential options

Full rate: dkr. 8000
Concessionary rate: dkr. 6800, available for students/ low incomes. Please note that these are limited to a few places and are allocated on a first come, first served basis.
Payment includes all food, camping, site visits, materials, and a Permaculture Association (Britain)’s Certificate in Permaculture Design.


For more details about the course or venue, please contact: Tonie on +45 20 114 987 or email her on pdc@faeme.dk
To reserve your place, simply download your preferred version of the course booking form below, fill it in, and either email or post it to Tonie at Faery Meadows with a dkr. 1000 deposit payment (her full postal address can be found on the form).

Booking form Microsoft Word version
Booking form PDF version

For more information about Hoerhaven (in Danish) visit http://www.hoerhaven.com/

Why do a PDC?

If you are looking to make significant positive changes in your life, then the permaculture design course will almost certainly help you. This practical course provides you with a broad introduction to the applications of permaculture in a number of different situations, from food production to community structures, and alternative currencies to eco-housing. The course culminates in the main design activity that helps to consolidate all of the learning and empower you to take permaculture back into your home, life and community.

We will be using practical, experiential and theoretical teaching methods to create a fun, lively and inclusive experience. In addition to traditional lecture-style teaching, we use group work, discussions, observation exercises, guided walks, practical activities, videos, and slide shows as learning methods. These are supportive of different learning styles and for people with learning difficulties. We also visit projects where permaculture theory is being put into action.

What will you learn?
  • Why permaculture is particularly relevant today
  • What nature can teach us about meeting our all needs more effectively and sustainably
  • The ethics and principles that underpin permaculture and inspire harmonious designs that work with nature
  • Simple techniques for caring for soil, water, trees and animals
  • How to improve your own food security, including permaculture gardening and farming methods
  • How permaculture can make cities healthier and more productive places to live
  • Techniques for building eco-friendly, low impact homes and how to design them into the landscape, minimising both pollution and unnecessary work
  • What really constitutes ‘appropriate’ technology
  • Some effective, low-tech surveying tools to analyse and map the landscape
  • How to make the best use of space and slope in land-based permaculture designs
  • How to apply permaculture thinking to social structures, including alternative economies
  • How to achieve bountiful yields with a minimum of effort and create win-win situations rather than trade offs
  • How to start using permaculture in your own life and community, to create a more sustainable lifestyle
  • And much, much more!

During the second half of the course you will be guided in small groups through a permaculture design process, applying what you have learned to produce an original design on the site. This experience will help you to later apply it in creating further designs for your own home, garden or business.

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