Nordisk Træf 2021

Dato: fredag 5. februar 2021 - søndag 7. februar 2021
Klokken: Hele dagen

Nordisk Træf som var planlagt til at foregå på Holma i Sverige, afholdes i år
ONLINE, via zoom  d. 5. – 7. februar.

Er du medlem af Permakultur Danmark og har lyst til at høre lidt fra os og de andre nordiske permakulturforeninger? Så er det gratis at tilmelde dig. Zoom mødet vil fungerer som en opdatering på de Nordiske permakulturforeninger og deres arbejde igennem året.

______________________Invitation kan ses nedenfor__________________________________

Hello everyone :)

As you know the nordic meeting is planned to be online 
on Friday the 5th and Saturday 6th of February.

We previously had a program planned for two full days,
including a nordic institute meeting on Saturday.
After receiving feedback we have now made a new program,
which is much shorter and does not include a nordic institute meeting.

Instead of the institute meeting there will be a series of presentations
and a face-to-face meeting planned for sometime this summer,
at which time we hope travel restrictions due to covid will no longer be
an issue.

The meeting for the 5th and 6th of February is still planned to be on
zoom, but on a new link:
Meeting ID: 831 6112 5114

To join the meeting, click the meeting link and follow the directions to
download Zoom. When you see a window « Waiting for host to start the
meeting» or « Please wait, the meeting host will let you in soon», just
wait to be admitted. Sound and video settings can be tested while you wait
or adjusted in the toolbar after you join the meeting. More info about
joining Zoom meetings:

The new program:

Friday 5th February 

Morning session 9.30 - approx 11.00

* Check-in round 
* Any more points for the agenda? - Consent to the Agenda for the day
* The “Landraports” - Yearly presentations from the national associations

Afternoon session 14- approx. 15:30

* Presentation of the new Swedish permaculture magazine
Brief discussion on Nordic cooperation around the magazines. 
* Presentation of the workgroup working to set up the summer face to face
and an open invitation for everyone to participate and give input.
* Brief introduction to the Saturday program.
* Check-out, and closing of the day

The exact times will be confirmed when we consent to the agenda,
at the beginning of the day. We expect we may run over time somewhat.
For the first day, there is nothing to read or prepare 
and the meeting is open to all members of the Nordic permaculture

Saturday 6th February 

Morning session 9.30 - approx. 11.00
* Check-in round
* Any more points for the agenda? - Consent to the Agenda for the day
* Presentation: What was decided at the previous Nordic institute meeting,
and what was done as a result. 
* Presentation: How to assess with the diploma assessment form.

Afternoon session 14.00 - Approx 15.30
* Presentation: Brief explaining the structure and workings of the Nordic
institute and diploma system.
* Election of secretariat of the Nordic institute for 2021.
* Check-out and closing of the day

Again, the exact times will be confirmed when we consent to the agenda,
at the beginning of the day. We expect we may run over time somewhat.

We will be going through the decisions at the previous institute meeting
very quickly,
so for those who want to know more, please read the meeting notes

Note that this is a presentation only. There will be no evaluation of the
decisions at this meeting.

The assessment form that was created through a decision at the previous
meeting, will be demonstrated through a practical assessment of 
Andreas Jonssons diploma work, which is found here:
In order to make it quicker, the focus will be only one out of the nine
designs in the work, but we will still going through all the sections 
of the assessment form. We may also assess a second design for contrast, 
but only if we have the time to do so.

Note that using the assessment form is optional. It is a tool offered to
the community. There will be no evaluation or decisions 
around its future use at this meeting.

The Saturday meeting is open to all members of the nordic permaculture
associations, but is primarily recommended for those 
who have an interest in the diploma system.

Also note that for the election of the secretariat at the end of the
meeting the only ones who are able to participate 
is the boards of the Nordic associations and the diploma holders.

In addition to the program, we also offer everyone who wants to 
to have lunch together over zoom, using the same link as the rest of the
meeting. It will be open for this purpose from 13.00 to just before 14

We look forward to seeing you all on Friday and Saturday :)

The secretariat of the Nordic institute of permaculture
/Hans, Jan, Dominik, Benedicte, Lou

Holma 100

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