Nordisk permakulturfestival på Holma 5-8 august

Dato: torsdag 5. august 2021 - søndag 8. august 2021
Klokken: Hele dagen

Planning is in full swing, and the Nordic permaculture festival at Holma kicks off August 5-8 th.
More information will appear on the website as we move along:
A workshop program is starting to grow so slowly, and tickets are being bought at a steady pace. Around 30 people are involved in preparing the site and the program. I have been given the responsibility to contact people who are involved and have contacts within Permaculture in the Nordic countries, to see if, and how exactly you see yourself as being part of the festival? Maybe through holding a workshop, a lecture, or something else?
If you have your own proposal for a workshop that you would like to hold, you are welcome to fill it in directly on the website,
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me here.
All the best!
Andreas Jonsson
Holma Folkhögskola

Holma 100

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