Introduction to Permaculture Weekend Course

Dato: lørdag 2. juni 2018 - søndag 3. juni 2018
Klokken: 10:00 - 16:00

Interested in Permaculture?, Would you like to start a project now or one day? This course will open your minds and hearts to the amazing potential of permaculture to co-creating a positive sustainable future right now in ourselves, our communities and projects. We will explore positive alternatives for local economy, realising our potentials, transitioning our communities and growing food.

Mayadhiisha brings creativity, fun and presence to the moment. He started his Permaculture studies 20 years ago and has lived in many communities and eco villages since then building houses, growing food, starting transition projects and was involved with environmental direct actions. He is an artist, kirtan musician, meditation teacher, yoga teacher, eco-house builder, permaculture teacher, organic food grower and environmental direct activist and also father of 2 beautiful children. He currently lives in Denmark at the Ananda Gaorii Ashram and Eco-village where he teaches and trains volunteers in food growing and permaculture including a 2-month Permaculture and Facilitation course. He is also co-teaching a 200-hour yoga teacher training course, co-facilitating the EAT earth activist training in May and setting up transition Ananda Gaorii. This summer he is planning a gift economy tour in Denamrk with gift circles, workshops, skill sharing and lots of permaculture, yoga, meditation etc. He lives at the Ananada Gaorii ashram and community in Vig, 1 hour from Copenhagen.

EAT earth activist training:

Ananda Gaorii:

we accept volunteers all year through workaway, wwoof or direct contact

Ananda Gaorii facebook page:

My contact:

day 1

opening circle, graditutes, co-operative game 1hr 10:00-11:00

what is permaculture 1hr 11:00-12:00

break 30m 12:00-12:30

intro to sociocracy 1hr 12:30-13:00

lunch 1hr 13:00-14:00

tour of petersholm 1hr 14:00-15:00

gift circle 1hr 15:00-16:00

break 30m 16:00-16:30

principles of permaculture 1hr 16:30-17:00

transition and social permaculture 1hr 17:00-18:00

dinner 1hr 18:00-19:00

video – power of community 1hr 19:00-20:00

food and sustainability 1hr 20:00-21:00

video – cowspiricy 1hr30 21:00-22:30

day 2

yoga and guided meditation 1hr 7:00-8:00

breakfast 1hr 8:00-9:00

embracing pain and learning to connect 1hr 9:00-10:00

inner permaculture 1hr 10:00-11:00

break 30m 11:00-11:30

suprise 1hr 11:30-12:30

forest and food gardening 1hr 12:30-13:30

lunch 1hr 13:30-14:30

eco building and practical 1hr 14:30-15:30

cultural emergence/ways of thinking 1hr 15:30-16:30

break 30min 16:30-17:00

closing circle 1hr 17:00-18:00

dinner optional 1hr 18:00-19:00

(programme subject to some changes)


Petersholm 165
8300 Odder

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