IP Conference and Convergence

A great beginning for my Erasmus + Internship

By Candela Vargas

Permaculture Denmark as an educational institution has being applying the last 2 years for Erasmus + funding to send permaculture teachers out around Europe to be educated and bring   exciting new knowledge back home.3e34c5f2-5bb9-45dc-a889-3776189619a9

Many of the applicants were accepted thanks to Cathrine Dolleris that did a very good job applying for us. I have been very lucky to receive an Erasmus + for doing a 2 months internship in England for researching forest gardens. Once in a while I will tell about the most interesting stops in during trip.

The first stop in my tour was the International Permaculture IPC2015principalConvergence. There around 700 permaculturist gathered to share and learn about the newest knowledge and projects in all sort of topics. Of course following my interest I focused on connecting with forest garden topics. Among others Tomas Remiarz baseline survey project (1); Jerome Osentowski Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute (2) or Sagara Swier presenting East Devon Forest Garden (3). Read more about the forest garden projects here.

The plenum sessions were also very inspiring.
Pandora Thomas made the crowd feel as the black church explaining in a interactive manner about the Black Permaculture Network (4), where they teach permaculture to black people that have been in jail and now totally transform their lives. Rob Hopkins motivated us all to keep on moving forward steDSC01372p by step, by showing the steady progress of the transition movement he initiated (5). Finally Rosemary Monrrow touched our tender side transforming grief to permaculture action in a theatrical way with some of her closest students.

One of the most special moments for me during the Conference was when I met the lovely activist from Aranya agricultural alternatives (6). Padma Koppula, Narsanna koppula and their team. They got very excited to get to know me when they understood that I was part of Permaculture Denmark.
They were really thankful for the big economic help that Permaculture Denmark has given for their project to thrive. There we could see that they have done plenty of work and more to come as the next International Permaculture Conference will happen in 2017 in India with the Aranya proDSC01375ject as main organizer. When receiving the responsability stone for the IPC Narsanna koppula said that it is important to be mentally prepared for going to India but that it is very worth it. I wish them the best and I encourage you to start planning for the Asian tour. It is worth it.

The Permaculture Convergence that started 2 days afterwards was a week of coming back to family. All participants were giving the best of them to make the event unforgivable, sharing their knowledge, skills and love.The workshops and projects presented were impressive but the most commonly mentioned best thing was the fact of connecting with beautiful people from all over the world, making new friends that share our same dreams and inspire each other with their examples to keep on and move forward building the future we want to see in the world.

IPC group pic




(4) http://blackpermaculturenetwork.org/

(5) https://www.transitionnetwork.org/

(6) http://permacultureindia.org/founder-team/