E+ online training

Article of Andrea.

When I heard about the training on Theater, Non-violent Communication and Climate Change in inclusion projects through Erasmus+ Youth Exchanges I got a bit surprised about the mix of topics, how could all these fit together? but after doing the course I understood that I was learning a new way to approach life. The first day 20 participants from different parts of Europe gathered around a screen. You could feel the distance and the nervousness of the first day, however, after the first workshop of sensorial theater with Manuela the atmosphere in the zoom chat changed. It was liberating to start the day by moving your body, by letting it go and connect with yourself and your surrounding.

We started to share our movements with each other, to stop thinking about what was correct or not, and question about what was art. This process continued when we met Victor and we started to co-create a final show that we should present by the end of the course. With Victor we let our imagination and creativity go and learned how to organize a theater show by connecting bubbles (forms of expression) to a seed (the idea, message that binds the bubbles together). It turned out that theater can be done through a screen and we all got goose bumps from the magic moment it was created in the final show. This was all thanks to the tools and advice given by Manuela and Victor in the creation process. We not only learned how to express and communicate through art, but also we learned thanks to Simone to do non-violent communication. This part of the course was really interesting to me since I was discovering new tools to communicate my needs, to understand my feelings and be able to communicate them to others. I have already started to use non-violent communication with my flatmates, friends, family, etc and I really believe it is a powerful tool to solve conflicts, but also to understand yourself better.

The last part of the training was focused on how to design and create Erasmus + and Youth exchange projects. There Maria Luisa did an amazing job by sharing her experience in creating this type of projects, she shared her enthusiasm but also realism, since it can take a bit of time to make your dreamed project come to life. She is actually still engaged with some participants that are interested in creating their own Erasmus + project and she is giving advice and support.

The training was coordinated by the association Sol y Tierra that is located in an eco-village in Valdepiélagos, Madrid. We were able to see the eco-village through the camera and meet some of the people living there, who explained the history and all the ups and downs of the project.

The whole training has been a beautiful and inspiring experience, where I learned new ways of expression, communication and living. That was all thanks to the team of Sol y Tierra who managed to co-create a sharing and safe space, and thanks to all the participants that with their joy and creativity made this two weeks an amazing journey.