Creating a European Permaculture Network

By Sandra Campe

The vision

During the last European Permaculture Convergence (Bulgaria 2014), a “vision group” has been formed as part of the European Permaculture Council – with the task of working out the “Vision, Mission and Aims” of a Permaculture Network for Europe.

In a mostly skype-based process which went from high motivation directly after the EuPC through bumpy strips in the winter towards an increasingly productive and exciting spring time (sounds like a familiar pattern?), the Vision and Mission that have been coined in Bulgaria (see the picture) have been consented on by our group as “good enough for now and safe to try”. That means that the vision that we now work with is: “We envision a diverse and vibrant Europe grounded in the ethics of permaculture.”

The aims

Based on this decision, a draft of the aims of a European network of permaculture have been discussed and then developed into longterm strategic aims and more short term next steps to move permaculture in Europe forward and to make this continent more resilient, fair and connected. A lot of the activities that would support the aims are happening already, all across Europe. The idea is that a network supports this work so that it can be done even more effectively and collaboratively. And to help a network and a shared framework to emerge, we drafted a set of clear principles and a proposal for a slim structure.

Feedback from across Europe

These drafts (of Vision, Mission and Aims and of the principles and structure) will be shared with all national permaculture organisations and regional permaculture networks across Europe within the next weeks – to be discussed within these organisations and networks. We would like to receive feedback on these proposals and based on this feedback, we will prepare workshops for the International Permaculture Convergence in London in September 2015. Delegates of the national organisations and networks will be invited to meet in these workshops to develop a strategy how to create a European Permaculture Network and which steps to take till the next European Permaculture Convergence (Italy, September 2016).

The Next Big Step

All of this is happening in collaboration with the Next Big Step project, which wants to support a similar strategic process on a global scale. Isn’t that totally exciting!?

We as the vision group aim to post updates about the process on the existing website of the European Permaculture Council
If you want to get in touch, please send an e-mail to

Creating the world we want! Creating the Europe we want!