A visit to Farendløse Mosteri

A group of international volunteers from Ananda Gaorii spiritual center (located in Vig) visited Farendløse Mosteri last month as part of their educational programme for European volunteers (ESC).


Farendløse mosteri is an old juice factory  located in Ringsted. It is an apple plantage from 1912 that was bought by a collective in 2015. Since then, they have had transformed into an exciting permaculture project, which is home to bees, pigs, cows, hens and goats. Moreover, they produce vegetables for families and restaurants as well as for themselves.

The collective is formed by 4-7 danish people with a background on sustainable ressources management and carpentry, in between others. This collective takes seasonally students from farming schools to introduce them into permaculture and get some support while they learn practically.

Have a look to the video: