FOREST GARDEN ARCHETYPES –A catogerisation and systematisation of forest gardens, which is a very god theoretical frame for understanding the various types of forest gardens. Based on examples from England. Bookletfront side

Candela Vargas Poveda’s 50-page booklet has plenty of pictures, measures and illustrations from forest gardens. It contains lots of inspiration, new design methods and examples of various techniques of how to keep a forest garden. Download it here: FGA Booklet.

Mst. Thesis

If you would like to know more, please read her master thesis, which describes how the booklet was made: Mst.Thesis Candela Vargas





 Permaculture in an nutshell, of Patrick Whitefield

Permaculture – A Designers’ Manual, Bill Mollison

Textbook with explanation of the basic principles of permaculture with examples from all over the world. Written by the founder of the permaculture movement.
Published 1988, 2. edition 2002, 576 pages, ISBN 0-908228-01-5

Introduction to Permaculture, Bill Mollison

Summarised and edited version of Mollison’s two first books “Permaculture One” and “Permaculture Two”.
Published 1991, 2. edition 1994, 216 pages, ISBN 0-908228-08-2

The Permaculture Way, Graham Bell
Brief and easy, popular publication. 237 pages.

How to make a forest garden, Patrick Whitefield

Practical introduction to planning and installation of a garden based on renewable plant systems – a so-called forest garden. The examples come from England and therefore, installation- and plant-wise applicable many places here in the North. 168 pages.

Future scenarios, David Holmgren
Planning of a future with both oil- and climate crisis.
Published 2009. Paperback ISBN-13 978-1-9-0032250-8

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