The best way to understand permaculture is to see it in practice. The Danish LAND project has been created for this reason; the aim is to create a publicly accessible learning and demonstration network spreading knowledge and experience about permaculture in Denmark.




Learning , Activity, Network and Demonstration.

The Danish LAND project is an adaptation of a similar English projectwhich has had resounding success. LAND is an acronym for “Learning And Network Demonstration” and the project focuses on learning about sustainable solutions for everyday life.

It is ordinary households in urban and rural areas that are transformed with designs, transformed from having high consumption of energy, water and time, as well as much waste, to become more and more self-sufficient and to support a sustainable lifestyle.The LAND Centers can also be local projects involving the people living there, with an emphasis is on the local network and the social aspects. This will typically mean that the local KAND Center offers guided tours, exchange skills and offers courses in sustainable adaptation to lower energy consumption.

The LAND Centers that are part of the Danish LAND network, will help to make permaculture appreciated and understood by more people. We will show to a broader range of people how permaculture works!LAND Centers will demonstrate permaculture in practice and share knowledge through the local network. Through the network, the LAND project will support development of skills within the local production as well as design of land use. The Danish LAND project helps to support the local LAND centers so that they can develop learning and demonstration activities.

Here, you can find a link to the map including the location of LAND centers and LAND starters. Map

Welcome to the Permaculture Association of Denmark!