Inspiratoriet is a beautiful and lush example of how you can create healthy, strong, renewable and interconnected systems, which accommodate all living creatures/parts in the whole – human beings inclusive.

Sildeballe 17, 8305 Samsø
Contact person: Cecil Rye Olsen
+45 29924348

Visitors: Open for visitors by appointment. The forest garden is open for unguided visits as much as possible, but the rest of the center is only open to visitors insofar that it does not interfere with the different groups using the facilities. It is possible to book guided tours for big and small groups. When participating in a guided tour of Inspiratoriet we recommend a donation of 100 kr. pr. person to support the maintenance and further development of the place.

Facilities for visitors: Classrooms, lounge with wood stove, big kitchen, bathroom w.  showers, 4 toilets, 10 rooms with total of 16 beds.

Educational activities: Guided tour in the garden, which takes around 1-2 hours. It is a short introduction to permaculture in which ethics and principles are explained as well as how they are used in our project, e.g. through regeneration of the soil, composting, mulching, layering of crops, plant gilds, energies in the garden, perennial vegetables and how we use the crops, etc. We always taste some of the seasonal crops – and  with guarantee, there are some you have not tasted yet. Most trees, bushes and plants have signs, which explain their usage and functions in the garden as a whole.

Area: 2,500 m²

Project start: Fall 2013

LAND-center accreditation: 26th of April 2015


Interconnected systems, regeneration of the soil, healthy systems – healthy people, forest garden cultivation and the importance of beauty and gratefulness.

Establishment of forest garden of 2,500 m², designed according to permaculture principles. The purpose with the forest garden is to show the possibilities of regenerating the soil, create optimal conditions for biodiversity, store carbon and of course create a higher degree of self-sufficiency for our family and all the groups, which use the facilities. This happens naturally through our presentation of the place, the way we use it and the food we eat. The latter contains various new, interesting fruits, nuts and perennial vegetables from the forest garden, the kitchen garden and the greenhouse.

Moreover, Inspiratioriet has a big beautiful garden of 7,000 m2, where there are many permaculture elements and more on their way. For heating, we use a CO2-neutral pellet heater. Our entire electricity consumption is covered by a solar power plant. We have installed a 1,600 l. rainwater collection system and more is on its way.

Ethics and design
Nature care
– Regenerating the soil – by hauling in lots of organic material, manure, sea weed, leaves etc. Leaving the soil alone, mulching, planting trees, bushes, mulch plants, nitrogen fixers, accumulator plants, increasing biodiversity wherever possible.
 – We aim to be as self sufficient as possible.
 – We work in many different ways to be the change we wish to see, to share information about alternative energy, growing food, thinking solutions and making choices.
 – We do not consume industrially produced meat and dairy.
 – If we need anything we try to find it second hand, build it ourselves or borrow whenever possible.
 – We heat our house with renewable energy and generate our own electricity.
 – We have changed our cars from gasoline to diesel now running 20-22 km per liter.
 – We have invested in electrical bikes to reduce our

fossil fuel mileage – with great success and wind in our hair!

People care
The space and the processes offered in Inspiratoriet very much grew out of a desire to help people connect with their true nature
– once we are connected to that we are much more able to make our lives into works of joy, love, creativity and abundance for ourselves and others. We want to show simple, real and accessible solutions to a meaningful and connected life – “for the benefit of all beings including ourselves”, as the Buddhists say. Being deep inside nature also helps most people connect to their inner being and the feedback we get is that the space itself feels immensely supporting for that process and is in itself inspiring change when

people go back to their everyday lives.

Fair share

We share insights, knowledge, time, love, inspiration, produce, plants and many other things. We do that with everything that is already here, everyone that visits the place, with our family and neighbors and with all the connections we have with the other islanders. There is a great network of sharing here and most often people leave with a bag full of fruits, plants, seed or inspiration – and very often that is what we return with when we have been visiting someone.

Principles and methods

What first ignited my interest for permaculture was the first principle: Observe and Interact. To see – and feel – how the soil on the fields around us got worse and worse every year (cracked, dry, heavy and with almost no worms and very slow composting etc. ) in comparison with the myriad of life we experienced on our own little plot. Obviously, a big field like that requires a lot of input and exactly this motivated us immensely to find and manifest alternative ways of producing food. All principles are used in the project, some of course more than others. For example, it is not until now that I see many of the principles in action as the design develops.

Regeneration of natural resources

Love for the soil and the other elements is the foundation for this project. The pain of experiencing how impoverished the surrounding farmland is was part of the motivation to show a different road. One in which the regeneration of the soil, a wild biodiversity and a balanced consumption of resources is possible.

Social regeneration

Many and quite varied groups visit and use Inspiratoriet in different ways. Common for all of them is that they work with presence and responsibility to themselves and others – professionally and personally. Inspiratoriet is part of initiating a lot of processes in the groups and the individual person.

More info:
Article: “Inspiratoriet: Ethics and Principles, Cecil Rye Olsen

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