Bogen om Permakultur (written and published in the Danish language) gives a clear, easily read and currently updated introduction to the term permaculture as well as the vision and the practical use of the design process. ”Permaculture is a holistic design process, that provides the techniques and tools we need to regenerate natural resources and … Continue reading Literature

Bestyrelsesmøde 23-25. 08.16

Bestyrelsesmøde Permakultur danmark 23.-25.08.16   Tirsdag d. 23.08.16   Nuværende bestyrelsesmedlemmer: Jens, Kurt, Candela, Arendse, Cathrine, Laura, Dan, Morten. Tilstede: Jens, Kurt, Candela, Arendse, Cathrine, Laura. Referant: Laura.   1 Medlemsadministration   Oplæg: Jens fortæller om tre muligheder for at gøre medlemsadministration lettere, herunder Foreningsadministrator, ForeningsLet og en fortsættelse af vores nuværende praksis. Han tager … Continue reading Bestyrelsesmøde 23-25. 08.16