Byhaven2200: Tour to American Food Science students

Land_logo_rentegnetBy Candela Vargas

am studWednesday 29th of April a group of 22 food science students from USA that are participating in an exchange program with the Metropolitan University College in Copenhagen arrived with their bikes to Byhaven to hear about how such a place could be possible in the middle of a crowded city.

Most of them had seen urban gardens before, but few with the openness and diversity of Byhaven2200. The visit lasted around 1 hour where the first 30 minutes were history and development of the garden and the other 30 minutes they looked, tasted, smelled and listened about the different plants we could find in the garden. They were fascinated by the new flavors they tried and they were glad to be allowed to take some herbs along for making tea later that day.

Mycelium workshop at Byhaven2200

By Candela VargasLand_logo_rentegnet

The mycelium inoculation workshop took place Wednesday 29th of April. It was a great success. Many people showed up eager to learn how to grow their own oyster mushrooms.

Room for mushroom production at “Skyttegårdens Østershatte”.

We inoculated beech logs with two different precultures. One from small birch pellets and another one from mycelium growing on straw bales. The second ones are donated by a mushroom producer that discards the mycelium bags after the productive peak.

Tomas explains how to drill in the fresh wood and introduce the pellets.
The top of the logs is covered with bee wax to avoid contamination with other fungi.

Tomas Jahn and Candela facilitated the activity and explained in depth about the intricacies of mycelium and mushroom production. 8 logs were inoculated, some lay partially under water to make sure they do not dry out and some others are standing up with one edge partially dug underground to give stability to the log. In the inoculation spots and in the edges the logs where covered with bee wax to avoid contamination. The participants had the chance to bring some mycelium home to try growing them there. Now we wait exited for the mushrooms to appear during the following autumn.




Inspiratoriet på Samsø er blevet LAND center

Det nyeste skud på stammen i LAND netværket er Cecil Rye Olsens læringscenter “Inspiratoriet” på Samsø.

Cecil Rye Olsen i midten har modtaget LAND akkrediteringen. Birgit Rothman (t.v.) har det første LAND center på Samsø. De er begge del af en stærk gruppe af Permakulturister på Samsø. Cathrine Dolleris (th.) er LAND koordinator. (Photo Jais Hammerlund)
Udsnit af Cecil Rye Olsens skovhave design

Inspiratoriets Cecil Rye Olsen var vært for en workshop om Formidling i LAND netværket i Januar og samtidig blev stedet vurderet i forhold til ansøgningen og kriterierne for LAND centre. Cecil viste sig design af skovhaven frem og vi gik tur og fik forklaret alt om skovhave, energisystemer, vand og ikke mindst den sociale regeneration som foreår på Inspiratoriet.

LAND rådgiverne har godkendt vurderingen og søndag formiddag, i forbindelse med et besøg på Naturplanteskolen, fik Cecil overrakt LAND skiltet og officielt erklæret LAND center.

Læs om Inspiratoriet her

Permakultur Diplom inspiration

Naturplanteskolen 26. April, kl. 10 – 16

Cathrine Dolleris introducerer diplomprocess mulighederne. Vi snakker om emner og muligheder for samarbejde.

Aiah fortæller om Naturplanteskolens kommende skovhave / andelsfrugthave og LAND center akkreditering.

Vi prøver sammen at “connect the dots”, til gavn for naturen, jorden, menneskene, ressourcerne og ikke mindst deltagerne.

Primært for kursister med permakultur certifikat.
Tilmelding nødvendig til

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Third and fourth day at the People and Permaculture workshop

By Anne Moloney

We started the 3rd day with organisation. First roles: group roles and group membership. Human beings are social creatures and in a culture like the present each individual is a member of many different groups and thus tha carrier of many cultures.

We did a group work on communication tools, official meeting tools and on ways of bringing clarity and connectedness to our work together.

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People & Permaculture – day 2

The second day of the Course People and Permaculture, facilitated and taught by Peter Cow and arranged by the Danish LAND Center Network, turned out to have a completely bright and shining energy, very nourishing and healing for everybody. So, I guess, we in permaculture would say that the regenerative aspect of culture is succesfull. It is so nice and I appreciate it more than I imagines I would.

We started out in the morning, singing “Let us see the beauty every Day” from Joanna Macey. 

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