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Pizza-ovn byggeri i Byhaven 2200

Af Martin Zaar

P1080736Vi afholdt i weekenden d. 20-21 september en workshop med navn: Lær at lave din egen pizza-ovn. Formålet var dels at tiltrække nogle andre mennesker end dem, der typisk kommer i Byhaven2200. 10672305_10152743457615050_4321400141243551358_nDerudover vil en community-ovn i Byhaven2200 forhåbentlig være med til at skabe et forum og nogle aktiviteter, der kan få de lokale til at mødes på kryds og tværs. Til at facilitere workshoppen havde vi Kent Klinthøj. Læs videre Pizza-ovn byggeri i Byhaven 2200

Formidling for LAND undervisere

karolinePå formidlingsworkshoppen d. 29. januar-1. februar 2015 blev der stillet skarpt på budbringere og modtagere. Hvem er vi som permakulturister, der vil sprede gode budskaber, og hvem er I som modtagere, der skal forstå og blive engageret? (Foto: Karoline Nolsø Aaen)


På ”Inspiratoriet” bliver du ramt af glæde. Det kommende LANDCenter på Samsø giver energi på alle niveauer. Læs videre Formidling for LAND undervisere

Bier i Byhaven 2200

Af Annegrete Mølhave

foto 1(2)Byhaven 2200 afholdte studiegruppe om honningbier og naturlig biavl. Der var livlig diskussion efter introduktion til bier og biavl med top-bar hives. Her viste Helle Koldkjær det nødvendige udstyr til naturlig biavl og delte ud af sine erfaringer.  Derefter så vi filmen ‘Queen of the sun’ som satte flere perspektiver på biavlen og colony collapse.

foto 3(2) foto 2(1)

foto 3

Sociocracy study group Byhaven 2200

Some of the participants reflecting during the picture forming exercise

The aim for the 1st study group meeting is to get a first contact with sociocracy, learning some useful concepts, tools, and hand signs while exploring ideas and taking decisions regarding organization and garden work structure for Byhaven season 2015.This study meeting is not about giving a full overview of sociocracy, but to introduce some basic tools that we find can be useful for this organization (Byhaven2200).

There was thirteen people present in the activity. Most people were frequent garden activist. Three of them were new and very motivated to get hands on during the next season.
The workshop took place the 4th of December in Nørrebro miljøpunkt.

The plan went as follows:

We started the meeting by seeking consent to be the facilitators, which was followed by: the plan for the meeting, an introduction to the hand signs and explanations on why objections are seen as gifts to the collective that contains wisdom, and encourage in this way participation. The tools that were presented were: consent decision making, picture forming and proposal shaping.

We proposed to work with the ideas of vision, mission and aim at some other point, and also how to elect people into roles, and the importance of defining the roles. If there is consent, it will be ideal to find a date for the other meeting to deal with these topics.

Consent Decision Making (CDM)

First we presented the steps of consent decision making, which were also be visible on a poster on the wall to make it easy for everyone to follow the steps.

This process was immediately used in practice, Candela made a short presentation on the LAND gathering at Bornholm and she presented a proposal for the expected developments for Byhaven being a LAND center. There was space for following all the previous steps with questions, consent and intergrating the wisdom. There was not enough time to come up with a decision so we postponed the decision till possible solutions become clearer, in order to allow time for the development of ideas on the garden work structure for 2015.

Exercise Picture forming and proposal shaping

A 2nd exercise to develop a proposal for the how the garden work will be structured in 2015. It was done by first Learning about picture forming and proposal shaping.

We introduced the theory for picture forming and proposal shaping, showing some big papers were we wrote down the steps and explanations on why it is smart to do it in that way (according to human psychology). We all together used this technique to find out suggestions for garden work structures for Byhaven’s next season. At the end some nominated responsibles gathered the information to make a clear proposal that seems most useful for Byhaven that will be decided in further meetings.

Every one in the workshop expressed that they understood the ideas and intentions behind this kind of meetings and there is a common will to keep working and learning the sociocratic techniques.


cheat sheat
Cheat sheet used for guiding the processes
White board full of ideas gathered in the exercises.

Vi skal uddanne os i bæredygtig omstilling

af Øko-net

INVITATION til uddannelses- og bæredygtigheds-konference og grøn fest 23. januar

VI SKAL UDDANNE OS I BÆREDYGTIG OMSTILLING – et nyt globalt aktionsprogram er vejen videre for Uddannelse for Bæredygtig Udvikling + Fest for ESD – Go Sustainable – Go GAP

Sådan lyder titlen på invitationen til en national dansk konference for at markere afslutningen af FN-tiåret for Uddannelse for Bæredygtig Udvikling (2005-2014) med præsentation af det nye Global Action Programme (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). Læs videre Vi skal uddanne os i bæredygtig omstilling

Nordisk Permakultur Festival


Hello everybody, this year, the Nordic Permaculture festival will happen in Stjärnsund, Södra Dalarna between the 6-9th of August 2015. The preparations and planing for the festival has started and we will soon come back to you with more information. Until then, save the date!

We would also be happy if you want to help us invite your interested and interesting friends to this event, so that even more people become happy as they will learn about permaculture and meet awesome people in the festival 🙂

More Information:


People and Permaculture – Designing Effective Collaboration 

Denmark: 9th April to 14th April at Fejø LAND centre and retreat.
Click here for pre-registration

Skills and tools for productive organisations and individuals

Humans are social animals, we live, work and play in relationship with each other. These relationships can be hugely nourishing and productive, or challenging and frustrating, or both…

On this innovative course we will explore how permaculture design tools and other techniques can be used to help us come together and collaborate more easily and effectively in groups, businesses, relationships and organisations.

This course brings wisdom and tools from the People and Permaculture movement, Sociocracy, Nonviolent Communication, Dragon Dreaming and the 8 Shields. Participants will learn about themselves and about how groups work, and find new ways to bring regenerative design to their co-creativity.

The 3 day weekend (Friday to Sunday) introduces tools and frameworks to grow better organisations, and the optional 2 day deepening (Monday and Tuesday) provides mentored design time to help participants explore and bring these ideas into their own lives and work more fully.

Lead trainer – Peter Cow

Peter is an experienced Permaculture trainer and facilitator from Britain, leading People and Permaculture courses and Permaculture Design Courses around Europe.

A founding member of the Thriving Ways social permaculture teaching and coaching collective, Peter co-designed and co-taught the first ever People and Permaculture Facilitator Training in 2013 with Looby Macnamara. He also co-founded a British permaculture eco-community in 2000 where he lived for 7 years, in deep collaboration with the land and the community of people. Peter is passionate about using Permaculture to support insightful personal growth, regenerative relationships and effective organisations.