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Impressions from the first day of “People and Permaculture”

IMG_6735By Anne Moloney

This course, People and Permaculture, with the English permaculture teacher and facilitator Peter Cow is — well, it is difficult to find words: good, inspiring , mind opening, lovely. The first day of the corse was Friday 10th of April as we had the introduction evening on Thursday 9th.

On this first Day we were through a wide range of relevant topics.
Needs: What do I need? What do we need as a group? How are my needs met? And how are the group needs met? This is basically what design is all about.

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New conceptual raised beds in Byhaven2200

Land_logo_rentegnet“This year, we have decided to make changes to last years design, based on our learnings from past seasons,” says Candela Vargas, member of the LAND center designingByhaven 2200.

We have defined areas for perennials, annuals and thematic beds for example a Nekselø bed displaying all the biodiversity of the Island of Nekselø.” Læs videre New conceptual raised beds in Byhaven2200

GreenDome Building Day At Byhaven 2200

Land_logo_rentegnetJoin the building process on the 21. March or 28. March!

By Sarah d’Apollonia

domeOne afternoon 5 members of Byhaven 2200 got together to test the building plans of a geodesic greenhouse dome for Byhaven 2200.

Members discussed building plans and needs of the greenhouse at the byhaven.

A first hexagon was built to later serve as a template to build the complete dome. Information about how to proceed in building the greenhouse was shared and many ideas came out of the workshop.

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Pizza-ovn byggeri i Byhaven 2200

Af Martin Zaar

P1080736Vi afholdt i weekenden d. 20-21 september en workshop med navn: Lær at lave din egen pizza-ovn. Formålet var dels at tiltrække nogle andre mennesker end dem, der typisk kommer i Byhaven2200. 10672305_10152743457615050_4321400141243551358_nDerudover vil en community-ovn i Byhaven2200 forhåbentlig være med til at skabe et forum og nogle aktiviteter, der kan få de lokale til at mødes på kryds og tværs. Til at facilitere workshoppen havde vi Kent Klinthøj. Læs videre Pizza-ovn byggeri i Byhaven 2200