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The Nordic Permaculture Movement is creating cohesion and consistency through Scandinavia!

As every year since the creation of Permakultur Danmark the boards of the three Nordic Permaculture
associations together with many other engaged permaculturist gathered to figure out how to support each other and the permaculture movement in Scandinavia. This year the gathering took place in the beautiful eco-village Friland in Djursland.

During the Nordic Permaculture Gathering many inspiring activities took place. Participants made new useful contacts and shared their projects, many interesting Nordic permaculture collaborations are being consolidated. Here an overview of the activities:

We got the chance to share a yearly evaluation on the state of the Norwegian, Danish and Swedish permaculture associations. That process helped us all to evaluate on the different strategies we are following and see which ones works best. It is clear that to connect through local networks is key as well as to keep a solid core team to make sure that the association is running smooth.

Opening session for the Nordic Permaculture Convergence

A couple of session where focusing on the LAND network. As it is expanding and reaching to the other Nordic countries apart from Denmark. The idea was to gather the collective wisdom and to strengthen the network. All the important information and the minutes of the meetings will be uploaded soon.

We also had the honour to assist to Tycho’s and Karoline’s diploma project presentations. The process sparked heated discussions about the diploma process. This were dealt during the Nordic council meetings and many good decisions came forward.
For example: with the aim to speed up the design of the Nordic diploma, a new group has been formed, It has been called the Nordic Permaculture Secretary. It consist of one member from each of the Nordic Permaculture Associations and one Diploma holder from each country. This group will refined the agreed text and make a strategic plan to discuss during the year the major conflicting points in the text. As for example what is expected of a diploma aspirant and how should the project be presented.

One of the most fruitful session, in my opinion, was on planning fund-raising activities for the research group as many new ideas on how to get funding came forward and some participants committed to work further with developing a big collaboration strategy to apply Scandinavian and European funds.

During the Nordic Permaculture Institute meetings some people was more interested in depending on permaculture topics rather that attending the formal association decisions. So they were able to have an alternative. Anyhow the group remarked that this forum is the only time in the year where the two associations are sharing a decision taking space. Therefore it is important to give priority to that formal association gathering for knowledge and skills sharing we hold the Nordic Permaculture Festival every summer.

Among the alternatives there was a guided tour around Friland were Tove explained all the intricacies of the living community and the design of the passive constructions. They were so inspired by the beautiful natural buildings and their people.

Tycho showed the new piece of land where him and Karoline are planting chestnuts among other trees and bushes in a medium scale agroforestry system.

Niels Corfield from UK hold an inspiring session on advanced design. Looking specifically at how to tackle major challenges in your permaculture project. Some participants seem to have a break through on how to handle the permaculture projects the are creating.

The next Nordic Permaculture gathering will take place in Lund, Sweden the from the 9th till the 11th of February 2018. So write it already in your calendar!


IP Conference and Convergence

A great beginning for my Erasmus + Internship

By Candela Vargas

Permaculture Denmark as an educational institution has being applying the last 2 years for Erasmus + funding to send permaculture teachers out around Europe to be educated and bring   exciting new knowledge back home.3e34c5f2-5bb9-45dc-a889-3776189619a9

Many of the applicants were accepted thanks to Cathrine Dolleris that did a very good job applying for us. I have been very lucky to receive an Erasmus + for doing a 2 months internship in England for researching forest gardens. Once in a while I will tell about the most interesting stops in during trip.

The first stop in my tour was the International Permaculture IPC2015principalConvergence. There around 700 permaculturist gathered to share and learn about the newest knowledge and projects in all sort of topics. Of course following my interest I focused on connecting with forest garden topics. Among others Tomas Remiarz baseline survey project (1); Jerome Osentowski Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute (2) or Sagara Swier presenting East Devon Forest Garden (3). Read more about the forest garden projects here.

The plenum sessions were also very inspiring.
Pandora Thomas made the crowd feel as the black church explaining in a interactive manner about the Black Permaculture Network (4), where they teach permaculture to black people that have been in jail and now totally transform their lives. Rob Hopkins motivated us all to keep on moving forward steDSC01372p by step, by showing the steady progress of the transition movement he initiated (5). Finally Rosemary Monrrow touched our tender side transforming grief to permaculture action in a theatrical way with some of her closest students.

One of the most special moments for me during the Conference was when I met the lovely activist from Aranya agricultural alternatives (6). Padma Koppula, Narsanna koppula and their team. They got very excited to get to know me when they understood that I was part of Permaculture Denmark.
They were really thankful for the big economic help that Permaculture Denmark has given for their project to thrive. There we could see that they have done plenty of work and more to come as the next International Permaculture Conference will happen in 2017 in India with the Aranya proDSC01375ject as main organizer. When receiving the responsability stone for the IPC Narsanna koppula said that it is important to be mentally prepared for going to India but that it is very worth it. I wish them the best and I encourage you to start planning for the Asian tour. It is worth it.

The Permaculture Convergence that started 2 days afterwards was a week of coming back to family. All participants were giving the best of them to make the event unforgivable, sharing their knowledge, skills and love.The workshops and projects presented were impressive but the most commonly mentioned best thing was the fact of connecting with beautiful people from all over the world, making new friends that share our same dreams and inspire each other with their examples to keep on and move forward building the future we want to see in the world.

IPC group pic








PDC- med økonomisk støtte fra erasmus plus i Irland

Af Martin Moltke Wozniak

For et års tid siden blev jeg spurgt af Cathrine Dolleris om jeg ville tage et permakultur design certifikat (PDC ) med støtte fra den europæiske fond “Erasmus +” . Jeg har længe tænkt over at tage et certifikat kursus, men det er jo ikke gratis. Så da lejligheden kom sagde jeg naturligvis ja. Det skal siges at i denne omgang fik Jeg både støtte til selve rejsen, da det var over 500 km væk op til 70 euro i støtte per dag dog i max 10 dage. Kurset jeg var på varede i 12 dage og så jeg fik næsten hele kurset støttet inklusiv overnatning. Jeg rejste til island efter kurset og fik så ikke støtte til den del af rejsen for Erasmus + dækker kun ud og hjemrejse man skal altså rejse direkte hjem igen. Det havde jeg så ikke helt forstået. Men nu ved du det hvis du skal med Erasmus +.

IMG_0790Men det var i hvert fald ikke et stort arbejde at skrive selve ansøgningen for mig da Cathrine Dolleris jo havde været så sød at gøre alt benarbejdet, altså skrive den store ansøgning til Erasmus + fonden. Jeg tror jeg skrev den på et par timer. Det skal lige siges at jeg måske smurte lidt tykt på nogen steder om hvordan det skulle styrke mine kompetencer osv. Men jeg må indrømme at jeg faktisk føler at jeg kan stå inde for det idag på den anden side, sjovt nok jeg troede faktisk ikke at det ville være så banebrydende jeg havde jo hørt mange af tingene før tænkte jeg.

Men et kursus sætter det simpelthen sammen på en anden måde og det er også for fedt at være sammen med en flok “permanørder” i næsten 2 uger..

IMG_0785forresten kræves det også af “Erasmus +” at man går ud bagefter og deler sin ny erfarede viden med andre. Det kan nok gøres på mange måder håber jeg men det ville være oplagt at lave workshops eller lign. Det fik jeg allerede lidt lejlighed til at gøre på Island her i sommers.

IMG_0915 Men om selve kurset. Stedet “Carraig Dulra”  ligger en times kørsel syd for Dublin ude i midten af ingenting. Meget smukt sted med masser af skov tæt på og store bakker.

Kursus holderne var meget afslappede og der var en god stemning ingen stress. Alting var semi selv organiseret man kom på et madhold. Hvilket resulterede i at man nogle gange gik lidt glip af undervisningen med mindre man hakkede grøntsager inde i klasselokalet  som vi så gjorde nogle gange. Men der var virkelig en god stemning og de få personlige problemer vi havde fik vi løst.

IMG_0749Der var også en gennemtrængende ærlighed i hele forløbet man havde en følelse af at lærene gjorde det for vores skyld. Vi havde en workshop holder som havde været højt at flyve inden for business verdenen som nu byggede øko huse, og jeg husker stadig da han fortalte sin livs historie en af aftenerne og sagde i klassen at det vigtigste ved sådanne her kurser er ikke kun den viden man får af at være her men endnu mere det at få tændt ilden inde i sig og mærke magien, føle fællesskabet se visionen for sig inde i en selv. Det var i hvert fald det jeg hørte ham sige. Det gjorde et stort indtryk på mig for på mange måde var det lige præsis det jeg fik ud af det, når jeg ser tilbage på det. Jeg kan ikke huske alle de planter der blev talt om og deres egenskaber men så er det godt jeg kan gå hjem og slå dem op og e mere på teknikkerne i the “Earth care manual” . Men jeg fik lysten til at kigge endnu mere ind i permakulturens verden. Nu føler jeg det er noget jeg gør jeg er permakulturist.  Jeg er nu en del af sekten 😉  Og jeg kan varmt anbefale Carraig dulra til andre som tænker på at tager udenlands med Erasmus +.

Iceland Community Building course

By Candela Vargas

Martin and I were invited to Iceland to teach a course about Community Building. It had been possible thanks to the Erasmus + funding and to an agreement with Mörður Gunnarsson Ottesen, commonly known as Moli. He is on the board of The Icelandic Permaculture Association and he is involved in many interesting projects. One example “The project House is in its last steps of construction. Our course is the first activity in that amazing space.

The course consisted of 6 days of activities divided into 3 blocks (Organization, Environment and Cooperation). People were welcome to join for the whole course or individual blocks. It was a beautiful and enriching experience for the 11 participants who were part of it and also for us as teachers, or as we would rather call us, facilitators, for the common knowledge to arise.DSC00733

The participants were very much engaged from the beginning. Asking, wondering and helping each other in all sorts of ways. Many of them knew each other beforehand from the different Icelandic networks as the Icelandic Permaculture Association. Others were new to the group as we were. But we all came together as a big family right away.

During the first 2 days we discussed the basics of sociocracy and rehearsed different processes like the consent process and the election process. We tried to find proposals for real situations that involved us directly as well as making up examples of other situations that were more realistic.

In the environmental module the basics of permaculture were the topic. We looked at ethics, environmental values and how we apply them in our lives. We had a deep look at urban gardening DSC00803by visiting one of the only two urban gardens in Reykjavik. Later I presented what we are doing in Denmark with Byhaven 2200, LAND and the Green network. Several participants were deeply inspired and felt a huge encouragement to keep on working in the urban gardens in Reykjavik and in The Icelandic Permaculture Association. To get going right away we built a compost bin together for The Project House. Soon there will be a garden created to use the rich soil that is being formed in the bin.

On the 4th day we played the ”Follow the principles” treasure hunt. We went for a beautiful tour in a natural area close by the DSC00853Project House. There we observed nature, understood the patterns it works with and played many other games that encouraged us to see the world with permaculture eyes.

DSC00909On the 5th day of the course we worked with Non Violent Communication (NVC), or as we rather call it regenerative communication. We were very lucky to have the presence of Eva, a member of the Icelandic NVC association which is     exploring this communication technique on a deep level. We all had the chance to practice with examples from our own life.

The last day we talked about the current economic system and its problems. Tóti told us about how he took the Icelandic banks to court for scamming the Icelandic population. We found many different alternative and complementary economies that are currently in use or have been used successfully in the past. Then we explored in depth the gift economy ideas and we did a gift circle together as we do in Copenhagen. Some deals have already been fulfilled, many more to come and I am sure that with time all our dreams will become true.

DSC00967The closing ceremony was fun and emotional at the same time. A banana replaced an honouring sword for handing out the course certificates. Afterwards we meet together for a big celebration dinner at Laura’s place. Such strong connections arose between us that several participants helped us to travel around visiting Iceland. Moli helped us all the time with whatever we needed and together we visited an incredible hot springs site and we went to a cacao ceremony in a forest. Cecil showed us around the farm at The University of Agriculture. Tóti took us to a beautiful cosy hot spring, Sif got us a 50% discount to go whale watching and Stenna drove us around the whole Golden Circle. We are extremely grateful to all of them for taking such good care of us!

As you can imagine for Martin and me it has been a great experience. Not just for the amazing places we have seen and DSC01026the inspiring people we have met. But as well for the fact of working together arranging such a course. We have transmitted all this knowledge before, but this is the first time that we teach it together in a week long course. Therefore it has been a huge learning process for us. We are more aware of our personal skills and how to synchronize them and how to present the information to make it fun as well as understood. We are happy to see so much receptivity and it encourages us to keep on learning and teaching how to create the world we want to live in.

PkDk 25 års Jubilæumsfest

den 22. – 24. maj på Ærø

Vitsøhus på Søbygårdsmarksvej 3, 5985 Søby, Ærø

I år holder Permakultur Danmark sit 25 års jubilæum. Bestyrelsen værdsætter alt det arbejde, de mange ildsjæle har udført i løbet af de 25 år foreningen har eksisteret. Vi vil gerne fejre det ved at samle alle de gamle og unge permakultur kræfter under samme tag.
Der vil være tilbageblik på de vigtige begivenheder i permakulturen i Danmark – send os gerne
din historie! Andy Goldring vil give os en smag på hvad sker til IPC i England og det nyeste indenfor forskningen mm. Der vil være generalforsamling og mange andre foreskellige aktiviteter i løbet af weekenden, blandt andet, workshops, rundvisning på Vitsøhus Permakulturhave,
børneaktiviteter, morgengymnastik, fortællinger, salg af planter m. m., festmiddag, musik, dans, hyldest af vitsøhusæresgæster og fejring af foreningen Permakultur Danmark i fortid, nutid og fremtid. Derudover masser af lækker mad, kage og hygge.

Samlet pris for eventet og maden er:

500,00 kr. pr. Person for medlemmer
700,00 kr pr. Person for ikke medlemmer

(Valgfrit medlemskab inkluderet I prisen for ikke værende medlemmer).

Melde dig på her!

Overnatnings muligheder:

Stærkt reducerede priser for overnatning i Petras og Mortens huse efter først til mølle princippet. Dog senest den 30.04.2015

For dem der ønsker at overnatte indendørs, kan der tilbydes 15 sengepladser i 3 sommerhuse. Hvis det ikke slår til, henvises der andre overnatningssteder.
Enkeltværelse pr. nat: 275,- kr.
2 eller 3 sengs-værelse: 150,- kr. pr. person og nat.
Overnatning i Jurte: 80,- kr. pr person og nat. (max 6 personer)
Eget sengetøj eller sovepose og lagen bedes medbragt. Dyner og hovedpuder er i husene.
Gæsterne står selv for rengøring af husene!

Man kan også stille sit telt på græsplænen med adgang til toilet og brusebad: 50,- kr. pr. person og nat.

Bestilling af overnatning hos Petra og Morten foretages i forbindelse med tilmeldingingen men i et nyt formular der styres af Vitsøhus.

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